Captain Marvel vs the Scarlet Witch. Who is stronger?

The Marvel comic stripes have many vivid stories and strong characters with almost limitless powers. This category can be attributed, and the Scarlet Witch, and Captain Marvel. But today, relying on information obtained directly from the films, we will try to find out who among them is the strongest woman in the Marin Universe.

The possibilities of Wanda Maximoff are telekinesis and telepathy – this is the most dangerous weapon in the hands of a fragile emotional girl. The witch is also physically vulnerable, as she does not have special regenerative abilities. Wanda’s forces are developing rapidly, she has learned to fly with the help of telekinesis, to create an artificial wind and shields, and the movement of objects and telepathy are given to her with ease. She restored Vizhn after being wounded, destroyed the Stone of Infinity, at the same time holding back the power of the titanium and the five Stones.

As for Captain Marvel, her range of abilities is somewhat narrower. She is immune to any physical impact and controls the strongest energy flows, destroyed the entire fleet of the Prosecutor, was able to turn the rocket in the Earth’s atmosphere, experienced many direct hits. Even the energy of the Stone of Power could not permanently disable the female pilot.

Both heroines got their powers from the Stones: Wanda from the Stone of Reason, Carol from the Stone of Space. We have never seen the interaction of these artifacts, as well as the carriers of their power, which means that no one can say for sure which of them is more powerful. And what do you think? Write in the comments.

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