Casual nightmare: top 5 games that try to kill us from the start

It happens that you go into the game to have fun, and literally from the first minutes they want to punish you. Such projects are painful from the very beginning, and it is very difficult to resist throwing the gamepad against the wall or bouncing around the keyboard in anger.

But on the other hand, we haven’t had enough hardcore in games lately, right? So, here’s a little more …

Hello you’re on GameFans , and this is a collection of five games that try to kill the player from the first minutes.

I wanna be the Guy: Gaiden

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This free-to-play indie platformer is known among the hardcore fans for its … hardcore. What did you think you got into a fairy tale? Not only is there a bunch of traps and bloodthirsty enemies at each level, your hero dies on the choice of this very level.

Moreover, if you try to avoid the first trap, you will be “happy” with the next one … And the next one, and so on in the list. In a word, here even in the menu you cannot trade a face, otherwise death.

Another world

Another game in which literally from the first screens you are thrown into the very hell. You have probably not yet realized that the opening intro is over, as the first danger immediately follows. If you stick it, then some cthulhu will immediately drag you to the bottom of the sea with its tentacles.

Okay, okay, this trick won’t work the second time with me.

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So, I get out of the water, thinking where to go next, and then one of the tentacles emerges from the water and again drags you to the bottom.

Phew … Well, kamon, eh …

The consuming shadow

Describing the essence of the game in a nutshell is simple – it’s a real nightmare. A game that, while it seems simple at first, is actually a concentrate of hardcore. Not only are dumb enemies wanting to kill you at every step, but the game itself is built on the mechanics of hysteria.

Any unpleasant actions affect your character very destructively: either the buttons turn into a “kill yourself” action, then the controls begin to malfunction or noise appears on the screen. In short, here not only the game, but the character himself wants to quickly end this mockery.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

In fact, this game may seem fun and interesting only at first glance. In fact, this is not correct, especially if you start on the highest difficulty.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance originally included many mechanics that can lead to the death of a character. This is not only death in battle, but also unpleasant consequences for the body as a result of eating bad food or a consequence of the fact that you did not treat some disease.

So, starting on a superpuperhard, your hero can die from those very diseases, without starting his adventure. No, you run for a while, of course, but rotting with a scythe from the start will loom somewhere around the corner.

Dark souls

Excuse me … I could not help but include, so to speak, the founder of the modern hardcore direction. In principle, there is not much to talk about here, you probably played at least one of the parts of the series and you know what kind of trash happens there. And not only on bosses, but also on ordinary opponents … Yes, damn it, you can fall down there and break your neck off the next ledge at every step.

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But we all love hardcore, right? ..

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