Chemistry Faculty of St. Petersburg State University evacuated because of cylinders with toxic substance


The tanks are dated 1969 and have minor damage due to long-term operation.

At the chemical faculty of St. Petersburg State University (SPbSU), an evacuation was carried out after the discovery of two phosgene poisonous gas cylinders. This was reported to Life by a source.

According to him, the cylinders were in the back of the educational building, on the basement. The tanks are dated 1969 and have minor damage due to long-term operation. After checking, it turned out that the find was not a threat, there was no gas leak. The cylinders were sealed and moved to a special room for storing precursors at St. Petersburg State University.

Earlier it was reported that a gas cylinder exploded in a residential building in the village of Rakhia, Leningrad Region.

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