China and the US quarreled over the erasure of Islam from the face of the earth


The Chinese government has snooped on United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his comments on Beijing’s attempts to erase Muslim culture in northwestern China.

Pompeo previously called on Central Asian governments to reject China’s demands for the expulsion of ethnic minorities who fled Xinjiang to avoid being persecuted by the Chinese authorities.

The US Secretary of State noted that China is trying to “erase” the culture and religion of minorities in the country, IslamNews reports with reference to CBS News.

The representative of the Chinese government Geng Shuang rejected the position of Pompeo and said that the actions of the authorities in Xinjiang are similar to the actions of other countries to combat terrorism and extremism.

Meanwhile, the drone shots leaked on YouTube made the world community again worried about what was happening in Xinjiang – 300-400 Uigur men blindfolded and handcuffed under armed guard are visible on the frames.

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