China passed Hong Kong national security law

The Standing Committee of the All-China Assembly of People’s Representatives (SC NPC) passed a law on ensuring national security in Hong Kong. This was reported by the South China Morning Post.

According to her, the legal act will enter into force on July 1, on the 23rd anniversary of the transition of the former British enclave to Chinese sovereignty. The law was supported by 162 members of the NPC SC, but its contents have not been disclosed. It is expected to be published by Xinhua News Agency in the afternoon.

The law aims to prevent and punish actions that threaten national security in Hong Kong: separatism, terrorism, undermining state power and conspiracy with foreign anti-Chinese forces.

According to preliminary data, the legal act provides for the possibility of life imprisonment as the maximum penalty for the most serious violators. Thanks to this law, the Chinese authorities will be able to suppress the actions of the radicals, who caused riots from June to November last year, as a result of which the economy of a special administrative region suffered.

On June 26, it became known that the United States was introducing new anti-Chinese sanctions because of Beijing’s encroachment on Hong Kong’s autonomy. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the US government has introduced “visa restrictions for former and current CCP members who are considered responsible or implicated in undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy.”

Great Britain, which ruled Hong Kong until 1997, called on China to respect the autonomy of the region, and the United States called the bill a catastrophic decision.

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Hong Kong returned to China in 1997. According to the joint declaration of China and Britain, the city was promised wide autonomy for 50 years. Thanks to this status, Hong Kong has established special relations with the United States.

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