Christian businessman fasting during Ramadan and calling for Iftar hundreds of Muslims

A Christian businessman who has lived in the United Arab Emirates for many years in the holy month of Ramadan fasts with Muslims and arranges a fasting meal for several hundred fasting people every day.

Indian entrepreneur Saji Cheriyan, who built a mosque in Fujairah at his own expense last year, has been holding a post in Ramadan for 13 years despite the fact that he professed Christianity.

Every day, iftar is held at Maryam’s mother’s mosque, Iryar’s funds, some 800 people, including employees of nearby offices and enterprises, are breaking in here , reports GulfNews.

“Last year, the mosque opened on the 17th night of Ramadan. Therefore, I managed to feed the believers only on the remaining days. From this year, I will do it every day, ”says Saji.

According to a businessman from Kerala, after the construction of a mosque, his business went uphill even more, he began to earn even more serious money.

“Now I have enough money for a decent life. It makes no sense to maintain a large balance in your account. I will not take away anything with myself when I die, – he noted. “But I owe a lot to this land.”

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