Coronavirus going worse then we think


Coronavirus going worse. Worse then world even think.

That virus start only with few cases but than number going higher and dont want stopped.

This funny (actually not so much funny) know seeing how people and fake-expert which told us what we dont have reasons for panic know say about dangerous from that virus.

Most worse not just growing numbers of infected people inside China. Most dangerous what virus already spread around the world.
When i start checking every day numbers i think what China Government can stop that virus and blocked inside th e country. That when i realize what already too late and we having 10-20 infected in Japan and Thailand. Than i hope with last chance from really world problem what Asian country can stopping virus. Because they already know about it and probably can stopped them.

But unfortunately know we have 537 cases outside China and 59,800 inside China. Most important what despite of government acts around the world virus still spreading day to day and faster with more time.


Look on this chart i think worst thing still ahead.

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