Coronavirus is Black Swan 2020?


Black Swan that strange name which we can give Coronavirus. Because I don’t know what interesting we find in 2019-2020 and such more important than virus which can kill millions of people.

I am sure in future we open more interesting news (if we will be still alive). But right know i can say what only Coronavirus shocked world. And even Trump presidency don’t be so shocked like this deadly virus.

For this who don’t know what Black Swan is:

The term “Black Swan” refers to certain critical events that cannot be predicted, but which, nevertheless, fundamentally change the course of history. Black swans can represent both positive phenomena (such as, the advent of the Internet) and negative ones (the rise to power of Adolf Hitler).

The “Black Swan” is also known as a Latin expression – the oldest known quote is from the ancient Roman poet and satirist Juvenal, – “a rare bird on earth is like a black swan” (Latin rara avis in terris nigroque simillima cygno)

The term “black swan” has become firmly entrenched in the consciousness of our society after the publication of the book by Nassim Taleb “Black Swan. Under the sign of unpredictability. ” Although this metaphor has been known in philosophy for a long time, it was Taleb who began to use it to refer to rare and unexpected events with significant consequences. Moreover, “black swans” can be not only negative events, but also represent unpredictable “good luck”

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