Coronavirus what is it? He is really dangerous?

Coronavirus – from family of many similiar viruses. That virus came from Asia especially new version from China. Family such viruses counting around 37. Virus was finded in 1965.

That virus have such special name because under microscope virus have round like crown. So, from crown + virus we will have word Coronavirus.

That virus harm respiratory system. Virus simliar with flue. And in first week person probably will be thinking what he has flue.

More rarely but also virus can harm gastrointestinal tract and nervous system.

In past period in 2012 and in 2003 world have not so large flash of virus. But right know we have very dangerous outbreak.

Nowadays I and world cannot say anything about death rate. But death rate according medical expert around 2-5% I think we dont have enought statistic and China sure can hide some information and death rate can be around 10% and maybe more.

Classical Coronavirus not so dangerous and more similiar with flue. But know we have nCoV-2019 he can be more dangerous.

Some expert says what virus can live some days without human body. But after 3-4 days virus slowly die without infected human. And virus can live long time with infected human.

Also we have some strange cases when infected kids dont show themselves. Virus live in that kids but they are dont feel bad but infect others people. And no one know what they are infected.

Virus can spreading not just from other people. But also from animals. Actual classic virus really come from animals to humans.

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I and world right know we dont know how new Coronavirus nCoV-2019 work. And more important we dont have vaccine. But I recommend you be very careful because virus can kill you.

Take care!

Especially for you Alihanrin Alihan!

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