Crusader Kings 3 text review

Hello dear reader! In this article, we’ll take a look at the new game in the Crusader Kings series together.

(Available on Steam)

This game is a mixture of strategy (map coloring) and RPG.

Crusader Kings captivates with its mechanics and random events. After playing it even for a couple of hours, you will surely experience an unforgettable story consisting of palace coups, conquests and betrayals.

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1. Gameplay
At the beginning of the game, you need to select one of the currently available eras. In simple terms, the date of the start of the game. A couple of recommended rulers will be offered for you, but you can always start the game as any character on the map. For example, choose Rurik and create your own story.

For new players, it is recommended to complete the tutorial, otherwise you can get lost in tabs and events.
After your tutorial, the main gameplay of the game will begin. I’d say Crusader Kings is your family’s survival game. If you die as a king (you can be killed by one of the random events, the wrong choice in the dialogue, one of your character’s traits, and much more). Then the game will continue for your heir, if any. Therefore, it is important to have a family and children in the game, to keep track of what kind of person your successor grows up to. Special perks are responsible for character traits. Someone is good at managing the state, someone is good at military affairs.

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To summarize, the gameplay is catchy. There is even more variety in the game compared to Crusader Kings 2. It has become easier for beginners to get into the game, and this will certainly affect the increase in the audience of the game.

2. Technical design

The game runs smoothly, without critical errors at the start. Optimization does not fail. Not demanding on hardware, suitable for a mass player.

System requirements

3. Outcome

Pros of the game:

Opportunities for wagering
Nice drawing style
Mass of events
Thoughtful character leveling
Not demanding on iron
Steam regional price
Further support and additions

The game was a success and players not familiar with the series now have a great opportunity to join the Crusader Kings community 🤴

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