Daldykan is a river in Russia which gained sad news.

The river is 29 kilometres. The basin of 99 square kilometres.

The river flows into the river Pyasino and then into the Kara Sea.

Located near the town of Norilsk in the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia.

The river is polluted by industry regularly from nearby factories the company Nickel. As a result of contaminated water in the river has found red.

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In May of 2020 it happened Emergency Situations. The river flowed out of 17,500 tons from the nearest station. It was declared an emergency situation.

The company Norilsk Nickel said that they would need 2 weeks to eliminate effects of pollution. This curled vice president and operating director of Norilsk Nickel Sergey Dyacheno.

“”With regard to the water body, the rescuers have assured us that when good circumstances they will be able to fully localize and remove the stain for 10-14 days,”” – said Dyachenko.

According to him the spot out of the river fell into the river Ambarka and accumulated in the whole spot but it is localized.

To combat the effects of marine rescuers were invited from Russia.

Contaminated soil will be exported and has removed 800 cubic meters of earth. Dyachenko said that that the soil will be replaced, and all will be reclaimed.

CHP-3 Norilsk Nickel runs on gas. Diesel plays the role of reserve energy source.

During the day, May 29 occurred depressurization chamber with fuel. As a result, incidents no people have been hurt. The main damage occurred in nature.

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Chronology of the environmental disaster in Norilsk Nickel

May 29 afternoon began leaking in thermal power station-3. Nearly 20 tons of diesel fuel began to float down the river towards the sea.

Then there was of ignition of fuel at a rate of 600 square meters. Fire managed to put out only two hours.

It later emerged that burned 20,000 tons of much of the fire fell into the river.

All this time, the data and incidents concealed from the government.

Emergency Situations Minister announced incidents scale. President Putin has learned about disaster held a meeting.

“”May 29, according to preliminary information, due to subsidence of the foundation piles reservoir depressurization occurred. As a result, there was a spill of fuel for road technology with subsequent ignition. While continuing to fuel leaked into the waters of the rivers and Daldykan Ambarnaya fortunately intakes for them there. The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry units information about the incident came on the emergency line EDDS only on 31 May. All this time the company has tried its own localized spill “”, – he said.

On the same day the information was communicated to the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, a meeting of the Emergency Commission. June 1 at Norilsk airport rescue units arrived FGBU “”Marine Rescue Service”” (Ministry of Transport of Russia) with 8 tons of cargo. It booms, and 2 tons of sorbent. Helicopter “”Norilsk Air”” delivered to the area of ​​the mouth of the river Ambarnaya. On-site emergency working task force EMERCOM of Russia.

In Norilsk, trying to locate the spill of diesel. Put the boom in the rivers. Are working on collection of oil-contaminated water and spoilage. group of rescue service has been established.

“”Picked about 25 samples, found excess of MPC in the tens of thousands of times in water bodies. It was found that the maximum amount of oil slick on the fence is 20 centimetres. The total length of water bodies from pollution slick place to fence about 20 kilometres, “”- reported Radionova.

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Krasnoyarsk Territory Governor Alexander Uss at the meeting noted that a few days he received misleading information. The reason for the verification of the accident in the territory of CHP-3 steel posts, published in social networks on 31 May.

The main problem with the liquidation of the accident the head of the region called petroleum recycling.

“”Today there are no transport schemes, about 20 kilometres – this road. It is a non-navigable river itself, and therefore the main embodiment proposed recycling the collected petroleum products – a combustion in respective containers. Experience burning such fuel volume, in any case, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, we have, therefore, predict that it will be successful, and within 14 days I have, unfortunately, I can not “”, – said Uss.

Accident in Norilsk acknowledged emergency federal level. It was decided to increase the operational forces and means to eliminate the leakage. We asked for help to the oil companies that are faced with a similar situation.

Today in Russia there is no experience on the incineration of the amount of diesel fuel, so the question remains open. On Friday, the Emergencies Ministry should submit to the President a report on measures to eliminate oil spill in Norilsk

According to preliminary data of Rosprirodnadzor, the damage caused by the accident at the CHP-3, can amount to tens of billions of rubles. Prosecuted on three counts: “”Corruption of the earth””, “”Violation of the rules on environmental protection during the works”” and “”Water pollution””. They were joined into one case and handed over to the Central Investigation management IC. A shop where emergency happened detained.

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Petroleum products were in Daldykany river Ambarnyi, Pyasina as well as the lake Pyasino

In addition, the company Norilsk Nickel prevent contamination and damage to land and soil.

The Russian Ministry of Nature Protection reported a 4-contaminated water bodies.

The company itself is owned by Norilsk Nickel was obviously guilty of this pollution. Because it fails to upgrade outdated equipment.

The WWF reported 20 thousand tons of diesel fuel that was found in the water bodies.

But the Russian ministry said that oil at the moment has not yet hit the podzmenye water.

River due to leakage painted in crimson almost red.

The thing is so horrible that if you take water from the river and it will light up podzhet.

Nature caused devastating damage.

Initially, no one knew that all happened. According to the company’s leak was accidental due to the car that crashed into the tank with fuel.

Then the representatives of companies have begun to blame the ground that dipped under the tank with diesel. But the version of the authorities is that the company simply acted without responsibility.

In 30 minutes drive from the Norwegian border and diesel as well as air pollution will go to Europe to the Norwegians.

The funny thing is that the Russian company is an exemplary company in terms of taking care of nature.

This shows that there are state awards in Russia.

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