Data black boxes pointed to the similarity of air crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia

As a result of the fall of two planes, 346 people were killed, including Russian citizens.
Preliminary data from the flight recorder of the crashed Ethiopian Airlines aircraft points to a “clear resemblance” to the crash of the Boeing airline of Lion Air in Indonesia. This was stated by the Minister of Transport of Ethiopia Dagmavit Moges, reports the Associated Press.

“The black box was found in good condition, which allowed us to extract almost all the information contained in it ,” the head of the Ministry of Transport of Ethiopia said.

Moges clarified that the government of the country intends to publish a report on this subject within a month.

Earlier it was reported that the pilots of the collapsed liner could learn to manage the Boeing 737 MAX on the iPad.

Recall, March 10, Boeing 737 MAX 8 airline Ethiopian Airlines crashed in Ethiopia. All 157 people aboard died . A similar airliner crashed on October 29, 2018 in Indonesia. Plane crash killed 189 people. After the tragedy in Ethiopia, more than 50 countries, including Russia , the United States and EU countries, suspended the operation of the Boeing 737 MAX for security reasons.

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