Details that most people missed in the new Joker

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On October 3, a new iteration of Batman’s greatest enemy in the movie Warner Bros. kicked off in movie theaters. “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix.

Warning! Further spoilers for the film!
In a two-hour film, fans tried to discern what was taken from the original story and if there were any references to other films and comics that many had not noticed. So, here are some of these details!

✔ The action of the “Joker” takes place in 1981, as evidenced by the films shown in the movie theaters of the tape.

The events in the Joker, of course, did not take place in 2019. In practice, the plot is outside of any real-time period, but in the production notes for the film it is noted that the director Todd Phillips wanted to show the beginning of the 80s.

Follow the headlines of cinemas and you will notice links to 1981, including the film “Zorro, The Gay Blade” (Zorro, The Gay Blade ) .

✔ The film “Zorro” and a reference to the death of Batman’s parents.

Batman’s original story tells that after the Zorro show, the parents of the future hero decide to go through the so-called Criminal Aley. As a result, they are killed there in front of little Bruce .. 

The comics suggest that they were killed by a man named Joe Chill (could be a Joker).

In the movie “The Joker” recreated this moment, but instead showed a man in a clown mask.

✔ The social psychologist Arthur Fleck’s name is Debra Kane. This is a hint at one of Batman’s authors, Bob Kane.

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In the comics, Debra Kane is the name of a social worker who works with young Bruce Wayne after his parents were killed (“Batman: Absolute Evil”).

✔ “Joker” has a similar plot with Alan Moore’s graphic novel “Murderous Joke”.

Although the film is pretty much its own original look at the Prince of Crimes, it’s hard not to make some comparisons to the popular graphic novel. 

The main message of The Murderous Joke is that one bad day can turn a normal person into a madman. In fact, this is what the viewer sees in the new Joker.

✔ One of the cops who interrogates Fleck throughout the film is called Detective Burke.

Detective Thomas Burke’s name was featured in Detective Comics No. 748.

✔ Arkham State Hospital replaces Arkham Hospital.

Instead of the Arkham Hospital, the movie “Joker” introduces us to another institution called Arkham State Hospital. His mother was previously held there.

✔ The ending will make you think about what is real and what is fake?

There is one point that you may have overlooked. It gives the impression that most of the film is fake.

At the end of the film, after the followers of the clown lit up Gotham City, the viewer suddenly sees that the Joker is locked in a white chamber. It remains to ask, was everything real or was it Arthur Fleck’s invention?

Throughout the film, we received hints that the Joker was an unreliable storyteller. He represented Sophie (Zazi Bitts) as his girlfriend throughout the film. It is worth considering what else Arthur embellished?

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For example, the institution in which the hero is at the end of the film does not look like Arkham State Hospital with yellow walls. At the beginning of the film, Arthur’s social worker asks him if he remembers why he was locked up in Arkham. Then there is an episode in the white room when the Joker bangs his head on the door. This room looks about the same as at the end of the film. Strange, because it was never mentioned that Arthur was in Arkham.

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