Deutz D 4505

The Deutz D 4505 is a Deutz tractor that was produced from 1965 to 1967 in the Deutz plants in Cologne . In this model, the same, poorly graded T 50 transmission was used as in the D 5005 with six forward and two reverse gears. This was probably the reason for the failure of this model.

The built-in F3L 812 S engine was an air-cooled three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 40 hp . The tractor reached a top speed of up to 25.5 km / h . Due to the off-road gear, which was used as a creeper and the overdrive yielded working speeds of 2.3 to 25.5 km / h. In addition, the model had a three-pedal brake and a handbrake. The maximum torque was 127 Nm at 1500 rpm . At a width of 1510 mm and a length of 3430 mm, the curb weight was 1920 kilograms, The offered tire variants were 6.00-16 and 6.50-16 (front) and 9.5-36 and 12.4-32 (rear).

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