disturbing moments in SKYRIM

Hello everyone, the essence of this channel is my adventures, research in Skyrim. Therefore, I want this channel to become like a reference guide for those who have not played yet, or are returning to Skyrim again.

Skyrim has eerie and mystical, and just sometimes strange moments. Which I happened to find. And today we’ll talk about it.

So let’s go.

Let’s start with the harmless dummies that can be acquired when buying a home. They serve as hangers for storing various things. But in reality, there is a terrible secret from the developers. Which can be found randomly. Just going into your house as usual, and find that the mannequin has changed its position. Or even began to move in our presence for no reason. Or even worse, he was alive all the time and was only pretending to be an inanimate part of the interior. What do you think?

Trius and Shelley.
In the north of Skyrim, not far from the Temple of Talos, there is a small, abandoned camp. Which consists of one berth with a small shelter like a roof. And inside we see the human remains of the owner of this camp. The history of the last days is described in a small note next to it. So we learn that the beloved’s name was Trius and he set up his camp in anticipation of his beloved Shelley, who should have sailed here long ago by ship. But for some reason it was very late. And Trius, not believing that most likely she died, in the hope for the best, decided to wait for her here until the last. Leaving a note on the barrel as a safety net. In case she appears just at the moment when he will hunt animals far from the camp. But all this was in vain, because leading such a lifestyle, far from civilization, surviving day after day in the most dangerous and coldest place of Skyrim, where dangerous predators live all around. Trius eventually died and apparently Shelley also died. After all, the note before our arrival was never touched …

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Aggressive marauders.
To the west of Riften is a small, dilapidated fort Faldar’s Tooth. In which aggressive marauders have settled with a huge number of trained dogs. Inside the fortress itself, you can see how they train them. Where the weakest die on the spot in the local arena. And the strong are used as protection of the territory. There is also a betting catalyst, where looters put money on the dogs they like before the battle. But this is not the worst thing that is happening in this fortress, and having made your way into the depths of the castle, you can see a dog from which an ax sticks out. And if you look closely, it turns out that this is not the only case. And everything becomes clear after reading the diary of a local chef. Then it becomes clear where all the killed dogs in the ring disappear. They are used as food.

Thank you for your time, if not difficult, then like it. I, in turn, will continue to delight you with articles from the life of Skyrim.

If you liked the article, then I can write about other creepy and disturbing moments in Skyrim next time.

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