Dota 2 heroes who need Aghanim like air

An item more universal than Aghanim is probably not to be found in the whole of Dota 2. And indeed, this is the only item that is on the list of recommended by almost all heroes, but it comes only to a select few, which will be discussed in this article.


Probably, there is no more suitable hero and subject for each other, like Zeus and Aghanim. The fact is that this item gives the hero a new ability – Nimbus. And all would be fine, but this ability has no radius of action.

The Nimbus deals a huge amount of damage and also briefly stuns the target. In addition, it perfectly combines with other abilities of the hero, has a short reload time, and with a refresher it is quite capable of not letting the enemy out of the camp.

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Lyon is another hero to whom Aghanim is great in the first or second slot. Not surprisingly, Lyon is ranked second behind Zeus in pickrate, winrate and Aghanim’s pick.

The thing is that Aghanim allows Lyon to use his ult on several targets at once. And given that Lyon is a hero with unlimited strength potential, it looks very cool. How many cases have already occurred when this hero, with just one button, killed half of the enemy team? How much more will it be?


Whatever it was, Aghanim on Invoker is almost a classic. Especially since the hero gains the “cataclysm” ability. Among other things, all spheres created (Quas, Wex and Exort) gain an additional level of abilities.

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Actually, Invoker without Aghanim is one of the strongest casters in the game. Under some kind of massive stun – his magic will be deadly for enemies. True, it is difficult to manage, but in skillful hands it is almost imba.


That’s really unexpected, but the 4th position of the popularity of the hero and Aghanim on him is taken by none other than Sven. And not surprising, because in fact, Aghanim allows Sven to quickly burst into a fight and instantly inflict a lot of damage on enemies.

Among other things, Sven gets the stats he needs. Also, Aghanim on Sven allows him not to buy Blink, which frees up 1 additional slot for an item for damage or survival.


Rounding out today’s top five is Techis, hated by everyone, and at the same time loved by many. You can treat him differently, but he needs Aghanim in any case.

It is this item that allows Techies to single-handedly kill five enemy heroes, even if they all have 6 slots. The main thing is to place the ult mines at the right time and in the right place, and then cover them with an icon.

As a result, a hero with a net worth of 7-8K single-handedly kills enemies who have a net worth of 25 + K. Imba, to be sure.

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