Dump 2, why you shouldn’t start playing Dota 2

In this article I will try to explain to more people why you shouldn’t play this game (it’s hard to call it a game).

All that has been said is my opinion and is not imposed on anyone.

Let’s start with what I spent 1764 hours in this trash can. And do you know why so much? The answer is simple-drawn. This ‘masterpiece’ was taught to me by a friend. And in fact, Dota is a fun game, if not one “but”. Once you understand what’s what and master the basic knowledge of the doter, your first goal will be to raise mmr (points earned for winning a match). At first glance, it is correct that you want this. But my advice to you. If you are a hot-tempered person , you do not have a lot of free time and in general you have more important goals, then play for fun. Do not study one hero until blue in the face. After all, why is this, if you have a conditional Anti Mage with a score of 0/10 or a hardline Time-ka. This will not always be. Sometimes you come across adequate people, sometimes not. And you will never know who they are until you play with them. All your efforts in the game will come to naught,if one of your teammates is a crustacean creature. Dota is a team game. And with a team you may not be lucky.

Secondly, playing this game, you will find out who you are, what disease you have and where is your mother. Toxic players are a dime a dozen. But for example, these insults will not affect you in any way and will not lower your morale to zero. But remember that you are You play in a team. All people are different. These insults will affect someone and he will not want to play 100 percent. You can certainly try to calm down, but you yourself should not burn out from what is happening. Steel nerves are your best friend.

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You can certainly enjoy the game if you play with 5 of your friends, then it will feel like a game.

And no, I’m not crooked. My title at the moment is Legend 2.

I myself have been holding on for 2 weeks. Dota is a game for masochists, it hurts you, but you still start the next game.

I expressed my opinion, your right to agree with him or not.

Play only good games.

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