Emil Zsigmondy

Emil Zsigmondy ( Vienna , 1861 . August 11 – Meije, Dauphiné Alps, 1885 . August 6 ), climbing, still the most famous Hungarian-born climber in the world.

At the age of just 24, he died in the Alps in 1885 while climbing the Pic de la Meije as a result of a rope break. This short life was enough for him to earn a medical degree, climb many of the tops, many of them first, and write several books, of which “Dangers of the Alps” is a climbing literature that has been usefully rotated to date, and has so far received 11 editions in three languages. .

His brother is Richard Zsigmondy, a Nobel Prize-winning chemist, and Ottó Zsigmondy, who was also a climber. His aunt, Frigyes Schulek, is the mother of Augusta Zsigmondy .


Die Gefahren der Alpen (Vienna, 1885, Hungarian edition: The Dangers of the Alps , Kornétás Publishing House, Budapest 2001) [7] ISBN 9639353000

Im Hochgebirge (Leipzig, 1889, under the care of Verlag von Dunder & Humbolt, K. Schultz and with pictures by ET Compton, Hungarian edition: Alpine Adventures , Fekete Sas Kiadó, Budapest 2004) ISBN 9639352675

Erschliesser der Berge (1926)

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