Ending games that are worse than losing

Sometimes developers create an ending that is far from positive when creating the final game. Sometimes, the main character ends up in an unenviable situation from which there is no way out. Yes, bad endings in games are often unexpected and make a strong impression on the players. But if the developers go too far in their fantasies, the ending turns out to be so dark and unfriendly that the player would happily agree to lose rather than watch such an end.

In this article, we decided to talk about the endings from games that turned out to be so bad that they became even worse than losing.

Ending games that are worse than losing
Diablo . At the beginning of the game, the gamer chooses one of the available characters, and then goes to explore the fascinating world to stop the advent of Diablo. And after he defeats a huge number of opponents and completes hundreds of tasks, he will smoothly come to the final outcome.

And at the end of the game, gamers are in for a real surprise. Firstly, after defeating Diablo, they learn that they also sent a prince to the next world, who had to be saved. It turned out that the demon was imprisoned in his body. And despite the loss of the prince, Diablo did not disappear at all, and to stop him, the main character absorbs the crystal where he is in order to contain his power.

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But in the second part, we learn that all the heroes from the first part, for which you can play, met not the best fate and became evil. Agree, a simple defeat in Diablo from enemies looks more optimistic than such an ending.

Mother 3.

At the end of the game, the main character, Lucas, meets the main villain in the game. And it turns out that the antagonist is his brother – Klaus.

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A touching dialogue ensues between the brothers, and after a battle in which no one can win, Klaus deliberately shoots at the reflecting medallion on his brother’s body. The charge flies from the artifact in the opposite direction and strikes the villain. As a result, in the final scene, Lucas and their father are standing next to the lying Klaus. The villain recites a touching monologue, in which he admits that he is happy, because was able to be with his family for the last time, after which he goes to the next world.

Although Mother 3 does not have the best graphics, the cut-scene looks fascinating. But the ending itself, in which the brother of the protagonist turns out to be a villain and went to the next world, looks sad.

Call of Cthulhu.

In this game, in principle, there are no good endings. Depending on the actions taken during the passage, the gamer eventually comes to one of the possible endings, and they all turn out to be something bad for the character.

Even if the player manages to stop the cult and protect the planet from Cthulhu, in the finale he learns that the main character went mad and ended up in a hospital. There are also denouements in which he begins to kiss the bottle, or even falls under the influence of evil gods. In general, even if everything ends more or less well for the planet, and no one invades it and enslaves humanity, the main character who will save everyone will be unhappy in full.

And after any of these endings, it is quite possible to think about the fact that it would be much better to do nothing in principle and calmly sit all the time at the initial location.

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The Park.

At the beginning of the game, the main character Lorraine Maillard returns to the mysterious amusement park where she used to work. At one time, many people disappeared here, so the attractions were closed. But the girl lost her son, and she is firmly convinced that he is right here.

As a result, players have to wander through the park and look for a child. Gradually, they learn that the main character is a little out of her mind and suffers from hallucinations. Because of this, it becomes unclear whether the park is really inhabited by ghosts and monsters that she regularly sees, or if it is her imagination.

There are two possible endings in the final. In the final part, Lorraine learns that the owner of the Park, who feeds on people’s emotions, is behind all the accidents. And depending on the player’s actions, at the very end, the liba girl, under the influence of the villain, sends her son to the next world, or does it because of hallucinations. In general, in both cases, the heroine loses her son, and she herself finally goes crazy.

The Walking Dead Season 1.

The first season of Walkers was named “Best Game of the Year” due to its excellent storyline. And in the final gamers were waiting for an incredible denouement. At the end of Episode 4, Clementine is kidnapped and Lee is bitten by a walker.

As a result, from the very first minutes of the fifth episode, it becomes clear that the game will have a dark ending. And so it turns out. After fighting the last enemy who kidnapped the girl, Lee goes to the next world, and Clementine is left alone. Yes, at the beginning of the second season, we find out that she joined the remaining survivors, but this does not change the fact that Lee is no longer with her.

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Because of this, the finale of the first season is considered one of the saddest in the gaming industry.

Pesona 3.

The game has two endings, and in both of them the main character is sent to the next world. Despite this, both endings can be divided into good and bad. And if in the first version everything is more or less normal for the rest of the characters, then the bad ending puts an end to the story of everyone, and not in the best way.

In a bad ending, the protagonist is sent to the next world, and his partners have their memory erased. As a result, they forget that they need to stop the villain, because of whom the end of the world will soon happen. Therefore, they live a quiet life for several more days, until the enemy finally fulfills his plan and destroys the universe.

It turns out that in the final of the bad ending, good guys lose in full, and all living things cease to exist.

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