English football player was stabbed during a robbery

Andre Wisdomto: Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images
The defender of English football club Derby County’s Andre Wisdom has become the victim of a robbery. It is reported by BBC Sport.
The attackers attacked the player in Liverpool. The Englishman was stabbed and is now in hospital. According to representatives, “Derby”, 27-year-old defender is on the mend. Police are investigating the incident. That became the prey of robbers, not reported.

Derby County is in the championship — the second power of the English division. After 39 rounds, the team ranked eighth in the standings. Wisdom in the current season he has played 20 matches in which he scored one goal.
In may, just two players of the English Premier League (EPL) became a victim of criminals. May 31, unknown persons robbed the house of a midfielder “Manchester city” Riyadh Mareza, causing the player damage for the half a million pounds. Two weeks before that the robbers broke into the house of the halfback “Tottenham” Business ally. The player was stabbed multiple times, had a stolen watch and jewels.
Video, photo All from Russia.

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