Even Melkor was afraid of him. Who was Feanor – the greatest elf in the history of the world “The Lord of the Rings”

I talked about an outstanding hero – Elrond Half-elf, who won great fame among his people and among the people whom Gandalf respected and was afraid of Saruman.

However, there are other elven heroes in the history of Middle-earth who surpassed Elrond in many ways with their talents and achievements. Perhaps I will tell you about some of them, but in this article I would like to talk about the greatest elf in the entire history of Arda.

It’s about Feanor, the lord of the Noldor elves. In the world of The Lord of the Rings, he was a genius in almost everything he undertook: from military affairs to art. And his fate was filled with the greatest achievements.

Now I will tell you what Feanor was …

The origin of Feanor

Feanor came from a clan of the Noldor – the most intelligent and talented elves in the arts. He became the first sons of Finwe – the ruler of the Noldor, who founded this family.

Eru laid great strength in the unborn child, and because of this, Feanor’s mother, Míriel, suffered. To bear him and give birth, she gave all her strength, and after giving birth, her body died.

Therefore, Feanor grew up, brought up only by his father. Although Finwe loved his firstborn, his love could not replace the motherly warmth, the absence of which later affected Feanor’s life.

When Feanor grew up and became independent, his father took a new wife, who bore him five more children. This immediately disliked Feanor, and when his father announced the new children as official heirs, Feanor was outraged.

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Subsequently, he left his father’s house and began to live separately, wandering the world and developing in various areas …

Brief biography of Feanor

In one of his travels, he met the elf Nerdanel. She was not a beauty, but Feanor was attracted by her strong character, wisdom and thirst for knowledge. They got married and had seven sons.

He traveled a lot with his family, studied and explored the world around him. During this period, he created great artifacts that after him could not be repeated for thousands of years.

His most outstanding work was the Silmarili stones, in which Feanor enclosed the Light of the Trees of Valinor. These jewels were recognized even by the Valar and became a symbol of the fate of the whole world.

At the same time, Melkor settled next to the Noldor elves, who, after losing the war with the Valar, pretended to repent and want to atone for his sins. However, in reality, he wanted to get the Silmarils, but he was afraid of Feanor and therefore decided to act by cunning: to confront him with his brothers.

He inspired Fëanor that his brothers wanted to seize power and the Silmarils, and the Valar were helping them in this. After much effort, Melkor succeeded in sowing enmity between Feanor and the brothers. The result was that Melkor was able to destroy the Trees of Valinore, steal the Silmarils, kill King Finwe, and escape to Middle-earth.

Then Feanor gathered all the Noldor, lit them with his speech and led them after Melkor, swearing an oath that he would destroy anyone who tried to take possession of the Silmarils. Sailing from Valinor, he was the first of the elves to kill their relatives – the teleri elves, who did not want to give him their ships.

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In Middle-earth, Feanor declared war on Melkor and in the first battle defeated his hordes of orcs. Encouraged by the victory, he rushed to Angband to reach the enemy’s lair. But he broke away from the main troops, and a whole detachment of Balrogs surrounded him …

And then just imagine the power of Feanor. Alone, for a long time, he almost playfully fought several Balrog at once. Yes, in the end he was seriously wounded by their leader, but the sons of Feanor arrived in time and put the Balrogs to flight.

However, Feanor’s wound was serious, and after a while he died, bequeathing to his sons to continue the search for the Silmarils and to be loyal to the oath of vengeance on Melkor. His spirit was so powerful that Feanor’s body instantly turned to ash and scattered …

Feanor’s achievements that make him the greatest elf

If Feanor’s biography hasn’t convinced you of his greatness yet, here are some facts that will show you just how outstanding an elf he was.

A great warrior who alone was able to fight a detachment of Balrog. If you remember, Gandalf, who was Maya, was able to defeat a single Balrog only at the cost of his own life.

Great inventor and scientist. Feanor invented the elven alphabet Tengwar, which spread throughout Middle-earth. He was a genius linguist and founded the Lambengolmore School of Linguistics. He also invented the technology of creating artificial gemstones that were more beautiful than real ones.

Great creator. Feanor, in addition to the Silmarils mentioned above, created several more magical artifacts. For example, palantir stones, which appeared in The Lord of the Rings, and the inextinguishable Lanterns of Feanor. And his grandson Celebrimbor, who, according to Tolkien, was far inferior to Fëanor in talent, was still able to forge the Rings of Power.

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Great leader. Feanor was a charismatic orator who, with his speeches, was able to ignite the flames of anger and revenge in the elves and lead a huge number of kinsmen to Middle-earth in war with Melkor. Feanor openly challenged the Valar, was not afraid of Melkor or anyone in Arda at all.

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