Ex-member of “House-2” accused Andrei Malakhov of beating

The girl said that after filming in the program of a famous TV journalist, she was asked to go backstage and not disrupt the workflow.
The star of “House-2”, Nonna Shchukina, accused 47-year-old Andrei Malakhov of beating and said that she intends to turn to law enforcement agencies. According to her, the injuries have already been recorded by doctors.

Shchukina said that after filming a famous TV journalist’s program, she was asked to go backstage and not disrupt the workflow, and there he attacked her.

“I grew up on the show Malakhov and always considered him a professional and fair voice of the people. Of course, I was struck by the act of the moderator, who grabbed me by the hair, insulted, slapped in the face ”
Nonna Schukina

The ex-participant of the project asked fans to support her.

Malakhov has not yet commented on the charges of the girl.

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