Fallon Fox the false accusation of Joe Rogan in transophobia


I am Alihan Alihanrin and today I’ll tell you about Fox Fallon charges in relation to Joe Rogan.

Fallon Fox blames Joe Rogan in her personal setbacks, is that really true?

Hello friends today I want to say a few words about Joe Rogan and Fallon Fox. Namely about her accusation that Joe is to blame for its failures.

And it is about the assertion that Joe Rogan destroyed her career and personal life transphobic with their comments.

Fox Fallon is born a male person who at the age of 30 years began to change his gender.

And after the sex change man began to call him a woman. And she started MMA.

But her attempts in the first battles she faced with a lot of negativity.

Especially this negativity came from Joe Rogan and Dana White that she believes ruined her career.

But I wonder if Joe is really transofob?

Or rather, he really destroyed her career or is it false accusations?

And what he had said. After all, she announced it in their failures.

Fox’s athletic career came to an end shortly after she came out. She fought three more times, winning twice, but soon afterwards, the offers dwindled and then vanished entirely. Following a string of debilitating injuries, and after being out for too long, she hung up her gloves.

Now, quotes the words of Joe Rogan:

“You’re a fucking man. You can not have … that’s … I do not care if you do not have a dick anymore.
– Joe Rogan”

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And yes. This entire quote.

That is, in fact, apart from the fact that Joe is trying to protect women’s sports and most importantly, keep it in the present feminine. It does not give us other reasons for his transfobia.

After all, he essentially said not only one unequivocal quote.

And in my opinion there is only one reason for which the former man Fallon Fox blames Rogan something.

Rogan popularized and used the accusations against him for Fox simply good.

At this point I propose to close the subject with Fallon Fox and its false accusations.

Tell me what you think about it in the comments. I’m interested in your opinion.

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