Fallout 76: how to upgrade your camp

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Today I want to talk about how to pump camp

Due to the fact that I almost always have a good assortment of goods in my campaign, I often come across the fact that I get to caps limit and … you have to “jump” on other players’ campaigns to spend them. Sometimes there are such “structures” … which you just want to bring to mind! I can’t help with business, but maybe at least with advice !? πŸ™‚

I am convinced that any virtual home should have at least a minimum of “amenities”. And you, as a hospitable host, should provide them to potential visitors / buyers. From my own experience, I know that a well-organized and decorated campaign inspires a sense of trust in players and … the desire to spend caps πŸ™‚

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So what should be in your campaign?

Lights and turrets!

This is obvious, but during my wanderings around other people’s campaigns, I often came across the fact that players ignore this rule. Turrets take away the campaign limit, but they protect not only your buildings, but also your “guests”.

If the spawn point in your campaign is not directly in the store, it is better to place pointers along the path of the players. It is useful and beautiful. Most of the players rush around the camp, like glad deer and don’t linger too much if they can’t find a store right away.

The shops
Above all, they must be well lit, clearly signed and protected. It will be a shame if a potential buyer dies during the selection process. Well … it’s better to put them in one place.

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Workbench area
With pointers, storage drawers and everything necessary for crafting . Of course, any player can teleport to his camp, to the Prop or to the Crater at any time for free, in order to attach the modification purchased from you, but … it’s not convenient!

Rest zone
Protected recreation area! With musical instruments, bed, “Symptom” or “Public Fire”. I don’t really like sleeping at a party. But … sleep gives an increase to experience, which is always useful πŸ™‚

Well … you need to place awards and pride somewhere πŸ™‚

And, according to tradition, video campaign:

Thanks for reading! Do not forget, your camp can become not only a place to which you yourself will be happy to return, but also a subject of your virtual pride πŸ™‚

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