Famous child actors who disappeared from the big screens

How was their fate?

World love and huge fees fell on these children early. Not all of them were able to cope with the surging popularity, get on their feet and confidently continue their acting career. What do the idols of childhood look like and who have become – read and see in this material.


At the age of ten, Macaulay Culkin , the son of a Broadway actor and telephone operator, played in Chris Columbus ‘s greatest hit “Home Alone” and woke up famous. Unfortunately, fame did not bring happiness to him or his family. After the movie “Richie Rich”, for which, by the way, Culkin received a fee of $ 8.5 million, he had a serious break in his career due to problems in the family. Rumors spread about Macaulay: serious problems with alcohol and drugs, not in tune with his personal life (he is credited with an affair with Mila Kunis , who in the end preferred him to Ashton Kucher ). Now Culkin appears from time to time in television series, in films (albeit in cameo roles), but he devotes much more time to his humorous podcast and the Bunny Ears website.


Another star of the 90s, a boy who played in the comedy “Difficult Child” about an obnoxious kid that no family can endure. During the filming of “Problem Child 2” , the actor’s mother made sure that Michael was paid a huge amount as a fee – $ 250 thousand. The film failed, and the Oliver family faced a long lawsuit with Universal, which actually ruined the family. In 1995, Michael Oliver gave up acting and took up music. At first, like Macaulay Culkin, he played in his own group, but then he began to work with other musical groups as a sound engineer. According to Michael, he never regretted the loss of popularity, now he enjoys family happiness and the company of his pets – three cats and a hamster.

Ekaterina Starshova

Everyone knows Ekaterina Starshova as a little Button from the Russian sitcom Daddy’s Daughters . After that she played in the films “Mermaid” and “Black Lightning” , appeared in several commercials. And, having stopped filming, I was not lost. Katya grew up, turned into a beautiful girl and became seriously interested in figure skating (she is from a family of figure skaters). First, Starshova took 2nd place in the International Ice Dancing Show, and in 2016 she took part in the domestic star show “Dancing on Ice”. In 2019, she entered the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine at Moscow State University: Katya plans to become a doctor.

Haley Joel Osment

The very boy from “The Sixth Sense” and the little robot dreaming of becoming a human from “Artificial Intelligence” – this is how Haley Joel Osment will be remembered by the audience. For a brilliant acting in M. Night Shyamalan’s film , he almost got an Oscar at the age of 11. He also had a good start, his first notable role – the son of the hero Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump . In 2000, he starred in another landmark project – “Pay Another” . And after that, as is often the case with child actors, his career slowed down somewhat. He is now 32, but Joel continues to act. He can be seen in Kevin Smith ‘s paintings “Tusk” and”Yoganut” . Of the last more or less major films with his participation, one can name the thriller “The Beautiful, the Bad, the Ugly” with Zac Efron . Hayley is known to be a bachelor, loves to play golf and is proud of her younger sister, singer Emily Osment. It seems that he managed to survive the loss of popularity that he had as a child, without much harm to himself.

Daryl Sabara

At Daryl Russian roots, his mother – a Jewish immigrant from Russia, his father – a Polish Jew. Since childhood, the boy was fond of ballet, and when he began to study, he received only fives. While still a schoolboy, Daryl became the star of the super popular family franchise of the early 2000s – Spy Kids . Four films are no joke. But he did not even think to relax and continued to work actively. However, the recession was inevitable, and for several years now it has not had a single full meter. However, this does not stop Daryl from living life to the fullest. In 2018, he married the popular Grammy-winning singer Megan Trainer , whom they had been dating for two years by that time. It looks like it’s time to stop being an excellent student and take a break.

Alexa PenaVega

Daryl Sabara’s on-screen sister is a devout Christian; she had six siblings and half-siblings. She has been playing since early childhood, she even starred in the then super popular TV series “Ambulance”, but the main role of her life was in “Spy Children”. Alexa was professionally engaged in gymnastics, so she herself performed almost all the tricks on the site. Spies director Robert Rodriguez even gave her a brand new Range Rover for her 16th birthday so that all her sisters could fit in there, and surfboards could be attached to the roof. In the photo with an adult PenaVega – a frame from the TV movie “Magic Christmas”, where the actress played with her second husband Carlos. He took her last name. Together they run the LexLovesLos YouTube channel, and they have two sons.

Jake Lloyd

Jake was a talented child, before starring in Lucas ‘ Star Wars prequel trilogy , he played for Nick Cassavetes in Get Out of the Stars and became Schwarzenegger ‘s screen son in the comedy Christmas Present… However, the role of little Anakin Skywalker, over whom the shadow of Darth Vader was already hanging, turned out to be fatal for the young actor. Fans were unhappy with the image of the most important of the Skywalkers, they found him too naive and not cool enough. Lloyd was bombarded with abusive letters, and the boy started having problems at school. After that role, Jake also starred in the seaplane sports drama Madison. And then disappeared from the screens. When Lloyd was 26 years old, his name surfaced again in the tabloids. He was accused of violating traffic rules and resisting an attempt to arrest. A little later, his mother stated that Jake had attacked her right before the incident. And then she officially admitted that Lloyd was diagnosed with a serious mental illness – schizophrenia.

Joseph Mazzello

When little Mazzello made his way through the predatory dinosaur park, those were the best moments of Jurassic Park . Spielberg really wanted Joseph to play this role, for the sake of this he even lowered the hero’s age by several years in comparison with the script. The director noticed the little actor during the auditions for his film “Captain Hook” , but there was no way to take the boy, he was still quite a toddler.

Macello, unlike many other star children, was not lost and continued his career. He has had roles in The Social Network and GI Joe: Roll The Cobra 2 . He also played Queen’s John Deacon in Bohemian Rhapsody…. It turned out that he had an extraordinary portrait resemblance to him. In addition, the actor is very fond of old music and prefers it to modern music.

Philip Vigrats

This German boy actor played the chubby glutton August Fool in Roald Dahl ‘s fabulous adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . Philip Vigrats very naturally overeats in the frame with sweets, but in fact he was not as great as his hero. And so on the set with Burton, he had to wear a special suit. Now Philip, according to his instagram , goes in for sports and carefully monitors his diet. In addition to Charlie, he starred in another film adaptation of a children’s book – Wild Chickens by the German writer Cornelia Funke. It was a whole film trilogy, which had great success at the box office. The last film with his participation is dated 2013 and it is a fantasy story about time travel “Timeless. Ruby book”… It seems that Virats was never able to move away from the role of a boy from a fairy tale. But perhaps he doesn’t need it.

Georgie Henley

After playing the kind and brave Lucy Pevensie in the fantasy franchise The Chronicles of Narnia , British actress Georgie Henleybecame the favorite of millions of viewers. Moreover, she passed the casting the first time, beating 2,000 competing girls. By the age of 24, Georgie has become a real beauty with a bright and expressive look. And she managed to appear on the screens in the image of Jane Eyre as a child (in the mini-series of 2006). And also in the role of the person of royal blood of Catherine of Aragon, the future Princess of Wales in the TV series “The Spanish Princess”. Henley is also often invited to teenage films, as she starred in the dramas “School Project”, “Access to All Areas” and in the thriller “Sisterhood of the Night”. Georgie’s acting talent is celebrated by everyone who has ever worked with her, and many believe that her star roles are yet to come.

Edward Furlong

After the release of Cameron ‘s Terminator 2: Judgment Day in the early 90s, Edward instantly became a teen idol. John Connor, indeed, looked like the hope of humanity, besides, his hero reacted with great understanding to the robot that guarded him. Nevertheless, even then, in the guise of Edward Furlong, there was a certain unhappiness. His mother never raised him, although she tried to regain custody of him in court when she found out about the boy’s fees. He also has Russian roots on his father, whom he has never seen. Despite several rather successful film roles – “American Heart” (1992), “American History X” (1998), “Detroit – City of Rock”(1999) – Furlong never really became a sought-after actor, although he could. It’s all the fault of drugs, alcohol, numerous rehab and arrests on charges of domestic violence. In 2019, in the final installment of The Terminator, he reappeared as John Connor. True, just for a minute. Nevertheless, the actor continues to act, but mostly on low budget.

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