Favorite stylist Jennifer Aniston talks about brilliant hairstyles during isolation

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston seems to look beautiful all her life. But her appearance has always changed the truth, remaining as beautiful as before. The famous 1995 Rachel Green haircut was invented with the participation of hairdresser Chris Macmillan and colorist Michael Canal. Michael said “HELLO!” how to care for your hair, especially their color.

Michael advised: “In quarantine, you can use masking agents such as spray and powders that cover the gray color. This lasts until you wash it off. Another option is demi or semi-permanent colors. Demi will last up to two weeks, and the floor can last up to six weeks using the right hair products. Both will keep your hair color safe and sound, waiting for a meeting with your hairdresser. ”

Jennifer Aniston

Among the clients of the star stylist Denise Richards, Carolien Murphy and others.
The creator of the famous hairstyle adds: “If you want to dye your hair, do not forget that the hair should be darker, so try to stay brighter around the hairline. Also for brunettes, try a color bath with the rest of the hair color. Use the base color, you can add water and shampoo to the remaining color in the bottle and apply it to the ends of the hair to refresh them in the last five minutes of the process. ”

The famous colorist also advised women — if possible — to use a comb with a boar bristle, rather than metal, to help care for your hair and avoid using hot tools such as hair straighteners and hair curlers.

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Jennifer Aniston

Michael also suggested adding oil to your conditioner to moisturize your hair, making it smooth and shiny. During these stressful times, our hair may begin to thin out, but Michael developed Replenish Vitamin A to help protect his growth and health, as well as the topical Nourish Vitamin, which can be applied to the scalp for full absorption. , allowing you to enhance growth in order to maintain healthy, thick and bright hair.

Hair can be depleted during severe stress. It is also recommended to avoid stress protecting not only your hair, but also all your beauty.

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