Federal Capital Advisory Committee

The Federal Capital Advisory Committee (FCAC; Federal Capital Advisory Commission ) was a planning authority of the Australian government. It existed from 1921 to 1924 and oversaw the planning and construction of the new capital Canberra , after the previously sole planning director Walter Burley Griffin had terminated.

The architect-led John Sulman Committee advised the Minister of the Interior and carried out a revision of Griffin’s proposed development plan. It suggested that the development of the capital should take place in three phases:

During the first three-year phase, Parliament was to be relocated from the temporary capital of Melbourne to relocate key ministry staff
The three-year phase also included the construction of railway lines and public buildings
Finally, in the third phase, the capital should assume its permanent form
However, the committee was barely able to meet these goals on time. For example, the parliament did not move to Canberra until 1927 and a railway line to Melbourne does not exist until today. In 1924, the FCAC was dissolved due to the slow development and replaced the following year by the Federal Capital Commission .

Successors of the FCAC were the following authorities:

1925-1930: Federal Capital Commission
1938-1957: National Capital Planning and Development Committee
1958-1989: National Capital Development Commission
since 1989: National Capital Authority

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