Fictional movie brands.


In the movie, in addition to real-life brands, fictional are often present. Sometimes – to avoid additional costs for the acquisition of rights. Sometimes – especially with a creative purpose. And sometimes for a more complete reflection of some social aspects. And some of them may well compete in popularity with real-life brands, in the promotion of which millions are spent.

Oceanic, an airline that does not exist.

Until the 1990s, filmmakers did not bother. Or they simply did not focus on the names of the airlines, or spat on the fact that they use a recognizable logo in the history of the crash of a passenger liner. But after several air crashes occurred right on the Hollywood scenarios, the producers came together and agreed: now only fictitious names. But each time you order a logo, a livery for the aircraft and other design details to the artists, it will be expensive. So they decided: from now on, once and for all, we use one name – Oceanic Airlines.
For a non-existent airline, a logo was developed that appeared in many films: “It is ordered to destroy”, the cartoon “Futurama” and the television series “Lost”

Morley cigarettes
For the first time these cigarettes appeared on the screens in the 60s in the “Dick van Dyke Show”, and since then they appear regularly not only in the frame, but also in video games and even on the pages of comics. Nicotine sticks got their name in honor of Marleys, affectionate nickname of Marlboro cigarettes (which have another, not affectionately nickname “killer cowboys”). Actually, the one-to-one design of the pack copies a pack of red Marlboro. Since then, Morley has been featured in many different movies. They were smoked by Jack Bower from 24 Hours, Hank Moody from Californication, characters of Courtney Love and Paul Rudd in 200 cigarettes, Daryl from The Walking Dead, Gary King from Armagedd … But the main popularizer of cigarettes was the Smoker from the X-Files, showing incredible loyalty to the brand over the years.

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Universe “Evil Dead” can be proud of their fans: these people can turn any detail of their favorite franchise into a cult. Take at least the S-Mart store, in which Ashley Williams worked, before he began to gut dedeyta (according to the canon, and not the series). The general store appears only in the Army of Darkness triquel, with the exception of numerous comics. However, the fans liked this place so much (thanks in large part to the memorable slogan of Shop smart Shop S-Mart!) That they still buy branded T-shirts. The store, by the way, is really very convenient: you can immediately buy food for the road, home appliances for the trailer, and rifle weapons with ammunition in case of return of Kandaria demons.

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