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How much do they earn in Finland? The minimum wage and the average salary of the Finns

My Petersburg friends are waiting – they won’t wait when the Russian-Finnish border opens. I asked them, is it really so “sanctioned” I want? After all, we also have everything in stores, albeit in places more expensive than in Finland.

But the matter was different: they go there to earn money.

The scheme is simple, earnings are high

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They take a visa for 90 days, get basically a job that does not require perfect knowledge of the language. They plow for three months – then they live here for 9 months with this money, they repeat it in a year.

Friends say that from one such walk they bring 7-8 thousand euros clean. This is minus what they spend there on housing and food, imagine?

By my provincial standards, even 5 thousand euros would be enough to pass a decent year in Russia.

I was surprised by the numbers and climbed to see how much Finns earn in 2020.

Minimum wage in Finland

It’s simple: it is not. The state does not dictate to business how much labor costs to a minimum.

The branch trade unions are engaged in this: the minimum wage is fixed by collective agreements for individual sectors of the economy. The sailors have their own lower bar, the builders have their own.

You might think that labor legislation is underdeveloped, but this is a misleading impression. The Finns have reached such a level of development when it’s a shame to pay an employee a little.

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Average salary in Finland

According to the results of the fourth quarter of 2019, the average earnings in Finland amounted to 3548 euros per month.

In terms of rubles at today’s exchange rate – 276,500 rubles.

OK, huh?
Of course, not everyone gets so much.

I looked at Eurostat statistics on employee salaries depending on their skill level, and I found completely different numbers there.

True, they are for 2018, Eurostat is always slowing down with data:

4250 euros per month (331 thousand rubles) are received by highly qualified personnel – educated employees, professional workers with extensive experience, etc.

1980 euros per month (154 thousand rubles) are paid on average for unskilled labor.

How with such statistics my friends manage to bring 8 thousand euros for 3 months – for me a mystery. They don’t tell, they just smile – they say that the Finns save us more than they pay us.

Interestingly, Finland has a rather high unemployment rate – 10.6% according to data for May 2020. But my friends say that it’s not worth looking at all these numbers, since they work mainly without registration and in such jobs, where not every Finn will go.

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