Fires in Siberia are already in the territory the size of Montenegro – who cares?

Good day, dear reader. In addition to travel and all kinds of attractions, I am interested in ecology and nature. And to the depths of my soul I am outraged by the situation that has now unfolded in Siberia!

Greenpeace campaigns to sign a petition, but will it save the forests from fire? I think it’s unlikely, although I signed this petition. Just in case.

I want to ask you – are you generally aware of the situation with fires in Siberia, or not?
Just in case, I’ll tell you a little more.

Why is such a huge territory of Siberia burning
It’s burning like 1.5 million hectares already ! Different sources give different numbers, I gave the average. This is just a gigantic territory the size of Montenegro.

wildfire is disastrous for all living things
Why don’t they put out, you ask.

Because the government allowed not to extinguish, it was supposedly “economically inexpedient.” I think this is complete nonsense. I am sure that fires of this magnitude do not just happen. Surely in this way they are trying to hide illegal logging , hence the ban on extinguishing fires comes from.

Forests are the lungs of our planet. Most of the forests are located in our country, and if there are none, there will be no clean air. There will be no animals. In the end, there will be no life – if you look globally hundreds of years in advance.

Forest fires are disastrous for all living things
When I read other people’s articles or posts about fires on the Internet, everyone writes only about one thing: that people have nothing to breathe. In Novosibirsk, he was able, he was able to reach the Urals, and so on.

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Yes, that’s terrible. For people it is harmful, bad and spoils health.

But why does everyone forget about our smaller brothers? About ecology? About nature?

I just have a soul torn apart when I think how many animals died in these terrible fires. How many of them lost their home but survived?

Think how creepy it sounds. Animals die in terrible agony and lose their habitat .

A person in everyday everyday city bustle rarely thinks about nature and the fact that every day a rare species of animal disappears from the face of the earth.

Unfortunately or fortunately, you and I are almost animals too. And we cannot exist separately from nature. Yes, the cities push us too far from the things for which we were actually created. We must live in harmony with nature. All that is happening now is the destruction of not only forests and their inhabitants, but also indirectly with us.

And it’s not just about smog over cities.

There will be no forests – many species of animals will be lost. Food chains will be broken. Mushrooms and berries, medicinal plants, of which medicines are also made, will disappear – we will die.

I have a feeling that a man leaves behind only mountains of garbage and a scorched desert. Where there is no place for anything living.
What to do and how to help Siberia in this situation? Ride and create fire brigades from ordinary people? Sign a petition? Consecrate it all on social networks? The main thing is to do at least something and not remain indifferent .

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I am sure that a lot of money is involved here, and fires are not just. Only ordinary people can ensure that this never happens again.

Especially for you Alihanrin Alihan!

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