For compared with cattle viewers actor “Univer” stood up

Colleagues of the actor Andrei Gaydulyan , known for the TV series “Univer” and “SashaTanya”, took his side in conflict with the audience of the theater in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, whom he compared to cattle. About this they told the publication of the Daily Storm.

In particular, Gaidulyan was supported by actor Boris Smolkin , who played with Gaidulyan in the performance “Number 13”, as well as in the TV series “My Fair Nanny”. “You know, if there is a cattle in the hall, then a lot is correct, including calling it cattle – cattle,” he said.

A colleague from the “Univer” and a friend of the actor Vitaly Gogunsky (the role of Kuzi) said that the power of the media is to bring cattle to the theaters. However, he stressed that the theater rules of decency. According to him, Gaidulyan is an honest and sincere person who has never been rude to anyone for no reason.

The actions of the actor hastened to justify Konstantin Khabensky , noting that many artists have “no iron nerves”. The artistic director of “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin said that the actions of Gaidulyan need “to understand, calmly and without too much hype.”

After completing one of the performances “Murlin Murlo, or All Women Want Love,” the actor expressed his dissatisfaction with the assembled public. “I want to say that I have not seen such a disgusting attitude of the audience during the whole time of the play of this performance. To shout from the audience during the replica! This is disgusting, ”said Gaydulyan. Then he pointed to the inscription “cattle” drawn for the scenery of the play.

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The management of the theater explained that during the intermission some spectators drank too much champagne and began speaking loudly during the second act.

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