Former priest talks about the decision to convert to Islam

A former American priest spoke about what prompted him to convert to Islam after meeting with Saudi Arabia.

Pastor Samuel Earl Shropshire visited Saudi Arabia for the first time in 2011, where he was assigned to edit the version of the interpretation of the holy Quran available to the layman.

According to Shropshire, before he traveled to the kingdom, he had heard about Islam and Muslims mainly from the negative side of the media. Shortly after arriving in Saudi Arabia, an American radically changed the view of its inhabitants and Muslims in general.

The goodness and high moral character of the followers of Islam amazed the pastor to the depths of the soul; besides, he was most surprised to learn that Jesus (Isa) is mentioned in the Holy Quran as one of the prophets of God.

“My heart went to the mosque. I felt that God tells me to go there, ”said Shropshire .

Soon he decided to visit the mosque in Jeddah, and then gradually came to the decision to convert to Islam. Since then, from a Christian pastor, he has become a Muslim preacher.

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