Forsaken Anime Girls

Love is a delicate matter. Often people meet and disperse, and some are simply rejected. It is about such girls that we will tell you today. After all, each girl from today’s collection carries a heavy burden in her heart …

Attention! I warn you right off the bat in today’s article there will be a lot of spoilers, so be careful!

Esdeath (Akame ga Kill!)

This girl is a general of the army and occupies a rather high position in the empire. But it is also worth noting that she is a real sadist and, in truth, a very cruel person.

It would seem that such a ruthless person like her does not need a relationship at all. But, no matter how it is, because as it turned out, she can also be embarrassed and blush in front of one guy.

She takes Tatsumi for the guy of her dreams. And at some point, she just takes and kidnaps, treating him like a thing. And, then she confesses her feelings to him. But, only Tatsumi understood what kind of girl was in front of him, so he was forced to reject her …

Amane Misa (Death Note)

Misa is a successful and very popular model destined to become the second Kira. And, here she fell head over heels in love with the first Kira, whom we all know is called Yagami Light. For a long time, diligently and persistently, she sought his location. And also mutual feelings on his part.

People who know the plot of this anime can object and say why Misa was included in this collection. After all, in the end, she and Light began dating.

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Only it was one-sided love. After all, Light only used her for his own purposes, not showing any sympathy for her. He saw in her rather something like a weapon or a tool and nothing more.

Naoka Ueno (Voice Shape)

This girl is a very interesting and intriguing person who, from her early virginity, has attracted many looks. In her class and school, she is considered something of a local star.

Once the main character of the anime named Shoe Ishida was a member of Naoka’s inner circle and could freely communicate with her as a friend. But, later she noticed that he showed pity or even sympathy for one deaf-mute girl who was his classmate. And for her own reasons, she decided to exclude Shoe from her social circle.

Here’s the truth, she did not lose her feelings for him, which only grew more every day. She was then forced to admit to herself that she loved Shoe. And, in the face of that deaf-mute classmate, she saw a real rival, but in truth it was too late to do anything … Thus, the queen of the school herself now had to be in the friend zone.

Megumishi Mizu (The Deceased)

At the time of the main action of the anime, this fifteen-year-old girl was in the same school as a guy named Natsuno. They had something in common, they both disliked country life and dreamed of moving to a big city.

Speaking of Natsuno. Mizu is deeply in love with him. But, he often ignores her attempts to get in touch and just talk.

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Then the girl pierces for a while. But, later she returns, only she has now become deceased … Although even being changed she still pursues her love. And he wants to turn Natsuno into a deceased so that they can live together for an eternity. This is what put an end to the joint future of these two.

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