Four reports: Razor offlane. I found who to calibrate in the new season

More effective than mid!

In the latest patches, it seemed that Razor was simply killed. The haste aura ceased to affect allies, and, the saddest thing, Razor’s farm potential was taken away through AoE-passive damage every three seconds.

At the same time, Razor’s buffs remained unnoticed:

• damage from the ult was increased by one and a half times at the first level;

• increase in agility – from 2.1 to 2.6;

• strength and intelligence have also increased;

• passive began to give much more moving speed: 12% already at the first level, at the last – 24%;

• increased the base movspeed by 5. Movspeed is the most important stat of Razor;

• Razor can hit other targets again during Static Link. But the bind target can be hit while moving, similar to Windranger.

But what’s the use if mid-Razor is out-fed by any meth deuce, not to mention modern carries like Sven / Thraksa / Terrorblade?

This is how the idea of ​​Razor was born on the offlane, who does not need to farm half the map.

Razor’s strengths on offlane
• Decent laning – because of Static Link we make 15-20 denies in 10 minutes and drive supports (sometimes carries!).

• Peak strength – from tenth to thirty minutes. We are able to make space for a greedy carry or push with the team.

• Two thousand health at the twentieth minute. By the twentieth level, there is also 25+ armor.

• Variability in itembuild. You can buy armor, BKB and go tanking, you can go to the third core hero, or you can buy Aghanim and help the team with a push if there is not enough damage to buildings.

• Since we pick offlane at the same time as the enemy carry, there is a great chance of catching a counter pick. Standing with a Troll or Juggernaut against Razor is hell.

Razor’s Weaknesses Offlane
• You can run into Phantom Lancer, Naga or Morph – it will hurt.

• Control is required from the team – we will not have a place for Eul or Athos.

• If you suddenly lose a line (I didn’t have that, but theoretically it is possible) – comeback is very difficult.

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Be sure to take the passive at the fourth level – even the first level skill will give you 40 ms, which will save your life and kill the enemy more than once. Otherwise, everything is standard.


175 health on tenth, 12 strength on fifteenth. Don’t make yourself a carry, you don’t need dexterity and, in most cases, you don’t need to suck 300 damage either. Yes, it is possible to strengthen Static Link against obvious counterpicks (Troll, Sven, Nyx), but this is an exception to the rule.

We choose the talents of the twentieth and twenty-fifth levels depending on whether we take Aghanim or not. How to make a choice is just below.

Starting purchase: Tango-Circus-Wind Lace-Faerie Fire. Do not deviate from this build: Wind Lace is extremely important to us for Static Link, Circlet will turn into Bracer, and Faerie Fire will add damage (we have little at the start) and help in exchanges.

Why Bracer and not the Wraith Band? It gives all the same 5 damage, but in addition to this, it will give 60 health and health regeneration, while we don’t really need attack speed and 1.5 armor on the lane.

Phase Boots. Razor is the only ranged hero in the game to fit the unfashionable purple boots. All because of the active ability and additional armor (yes, we are playing a ranged tank).

Drums of Endurance. An excellent artifact for a team that gives movement speed. Does Razor need more?

Black King Bar. In this sense, we are like Doom – we take an early BKB and go to nightmare the map. With him and armor from dexterity / items, we cannot be killed in a fight without a massive focus, and we are an offlaneer, enemies have enough trouble without us.

Manta Style . An alternative to BKB if there is almost no magic damage, but there is an unpleasant silence / roots. Again, movspeed.

Assault Cuirass. We bring the armor to cosmic values ​​for 40 units and significantly increase the attack speed – with the talent of the 25th level, you can poke a carry.

Monkey King Bar. If the team does not have enough damage, and the opponents have a conditional Windranger.

Aghanim Scepter. A situational yet very powerful subject. He is strong only when we already have an advantage, and we need damage to buildings or we are not allowed to hit from the hand (Void Dome, 2 or more Halberds). With a lag in gold, there is no point in buying Aghanim – he doesn’t give much in a fight.

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What are we doing on the map?
• We will suck damage, you can even from a support. Even an advantage of 20 damage will allow you to comfortably finish off all the creeps from the pack.

• We ask the four to bullet a lot. The space on the line is very important to us so that we have somewhere to dive with the Static Link enabled. Therefore, you need to make sure that the creeps are not met at the enemy tower.

• Starting from the third level, you can kill heroes. 72 damage from Static, four skills – this is usually enough. Plasma Field is left either to slow down (but only in the maximum radius, point-blank is not needed) or to the clearance of the forest, when the victim tries to mans in it.

• Two tips against mobile carries:

1. Faceless Void doesn’t know yet, but he doesn’t actually break the binding by pressing Time Walk from under you. So your strategy is to get attached and immediately approach him point blank. 99% of Voids will hit Time Walk and will be surprised to find that they have -72 damage.

2. Against the Anti-Mage it is more difficult, but still bearable. You need to press Static Link when strangers start to beat our ranged creep. The anti-mage either immediately blinks back, losing creep, or gives us damage.

2.1. At the fourth level, Anti-Mage will definitely take Counterspell: fortunately, the snap animation is very similar to the auto attack. We fly at the enemy, showing with all our looks that we want to get attached, we give a poke – in three of the three games, different Anti-Mages pressed Counterspell. Now you can knit in peace.

• We connect to any fight for the tower, it is very convenient to pull on the easy lane, leaving your half of the carry card.

• As soon as BKB appears, we are invulnerable – fight and wreak havoc.

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• Catch up on goals! You have 400 movspeed, 500 with drums and faces on, you really can’t run away from you even on Blink without talent. Don’t be afraid to go under the tower a little, you have a lot of armor. And one more thing: before playing on Razor, practice determining the radius of the Plasma Field – in fact, they can be reached from another screen.

Leith game
• Play regular Razor from mid or easy.

Teammates’ reaction to Razor’s peak: as if it was intended. Only in one game out of ten did the fours resent the pick. Guess who was the weakest player on our team?

Overall subjective build rating: 9.5 / 10
Yes, this is literally the best build of the category, at the level of Gyro in offlane and Chaos Knight-support. The stat is 8-2 despite the fact that in both games I would not have pulled out on either of the offlaners. But this is not 10/10 for two reasons:

1. There is still a chance to run into a counter-pick, even if the chance that we will be a counter-pick is much higher.

2. Razor is one of two mid lane players that I really know how to play, and I played on my usual lane. Combo! I even thought to take the rating down to nine, but while farming the tokens on the support, I got caught with another Razor from the offlane! I didn’t like his lane build (he left it 0-2 because of him), but you know what? He made a ton of impact on the map anyway and was the most useful core player ever.

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