Franziska Weber

Franziska Weber ( German: Franziska Weber ; May 24, 1989 , Potsdam , GDR ) is a German kayaker , Olympic champion and three-time silver medalist of the Olympic Games, four-time world champion, five-time European champion, silver medalist of the first European Games .

Sports biography

Already at the age of 20, Francis was able to declare herself, becoming in one year two-time medalist of the European Championship in German Brandenburg , as well as a silver medalist of the world championship in the singles competition at a distance of 1000 meters. At the same distance, but a year later, the young German rower was able to win her first gold in world championships. 2011 was a fruitful year for Weber. Francis became a two-time silver medalist of the World Cup in Hungarian Szeged and a three-time medalist of the European Championship in Belgrade, and all awards were won in competitions of twos and fours. In June 2012, shortly before the Games in London, Weber immediately won two gold medals of the continental championship.

At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Weber performed at two distances. In the fours, the German team was able to make it to the main finals, but there they could not oppose the Hungarian rowers and won silver medals. In the two-man competition, Weber, along with Tina Dietze, also confidently made it to the final A, where they were able to beat the titled Hungarian crew for a second, the winners of the last two Olympic Games in this discipline, Kovacs / Dushev-Janich , and won gold medals.

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At the 2013 World Championships in Duisburg, Weber paired with Dietze added two more gold from world championships to their collection, coming first to the finish line at 200 and 500 meters. A year later, the Germans at the 200-meter mark became the second, letting forward young Hungarians Anna Karas and Ninetta Wad . At the 2015 World Championships in Milan, the German duet came to the finish line only 3rd. Also on account Weber is another bronze in the fours competitions. In the summer of 2015, Weber took part in the first European Games . The Four the German team came to the finish line second, losing only to the Hungarian team, and in the doubles Weber and Dietze stopped one step away from the podium, coming to the finish line fourth.

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