French singer converted to Islam and went to Hajj

She had money, fame, influence and an army of fans. By the age of 23, she managed to sell more than 4 million albums and receive many awards.

By 2007, Melanie Georgiad, a French rap singer of Cypriot descent under the pseudonym Diam, had everything that a show business star could dream of, but there was no answer to a spiritual quest.

While these days in Mecca, the former singer spoke about her personal transformation.

“All this – money, success, influence – did not make me happy. I was looking for happiness, I was very, very sad, I was alone. “I could not understand why I was on this earth,” says Melanie, quoted IslamNews with reference to ArabNews . “And I began to look for answers to my questions.”

In 2008, during a visit to a Muslim friend, Jorgead became an accidental witness of how she performs evening prayers. Yielding to an unknown force, Melanie stood next to her and began to bow with her friend.

In the same year, the singer converted to Islam and completely disappeared from the scene. Jorgead completely changed her lifestyle and began to wear a hijab. This summer, a Frenchwoman, along with 2.5 million Muslims of the same faith, performs a hajj in Saudi Arabia.

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