French women give an even number of flowers

In Russia, it is customary to give only an odd number of flowers as a gift and a sign of respect. Even number of flowers to a living person is considered a bad form and a harbinger of misfortune. In France, however, things are different; they have no such prejudices.

Roses / Source: Yandeks.Kartinki
Roses / Source: Yandeks.Kartinki
In this article I will talk about why the French give an even number of flowers and for what holidays. Also tell you how much are the flowers in France.

How many flowers are given for holidays
In Europe, an even number of flowers are given to wish for happiness. An odd number is brought to the funeral. In France, you’d better not give the Frenchwoman yellow flowers, because this is a sign of treason. Better give her lilies, you can give them without fear. These flowers are in high esteem in France.

Bouquet of lilies / Source: Yandeks.Kartinki
Bouquet of lilies / Source: Yandeks.Kartinki
10 roses give a beloved woman who admired. 12 roses – for the year of acquaintance. 16 roses give for holidays to relatives and friends. And 36 roses give, if they want to wish happiness, for example, to the wedding.

In Russia, it is not accepted to give an odd number. Usually, girls are given 5 roses for a first date, 11 roses are given to a wife, and 25 roses is a declaration of love.

Fresh flowers in Paris / Source: Yandeks.Kartinki
Fresh flowers in Paris / Source: Yandeks.Kartinki
In Russia, women understand that the more flowers in a bouquet, the stronger the feelings. In France, it is not accepted to give less than 10 roses, it is an indicator of poverty.

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How much are the flowers in France and where to buy them
Flowers in France is not so easy to buy. They do not sell at every stop – there are no special stalls. You can buy a bouquet either in the supermarket, or in the market (marche), or from florists.

Flower Market / Source: Yandeks.Kartinki
Flower Market / Source: Yandeks.Kartinki
1 rose in France costs 5 euros, that is, a bouquet of 10 flowers will cost you 50 euros. If you buy a bouquet of 150 roses, it will cost 775 euros.

Such subtleties are the necessary knowledge in order not to get into an uncomfortable situation if you give flowers to a Frenchwoman. Also, you will need information about where to buy flowers in France.

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