Game of Thrones: Queen of Thorns by Olenna Tyrell

Daenerys Targaryen was very unlucky in life, because she did not have such a super-grandmother Oli as Margaery Tyrell. If her ambitious brother Viserys was replaced by the “Queen of Thorns”, Olenna Tyrell, the story of Westeros would be even more interesting.

Despite the fact that the ruler of the great house of Tyrell was the son of the “Queen of Thorns” Mace, in fact, Lady Olenna was the head and brain center of the family. From a young age she was very calculating, decisive and active. Having been engaged from childhood to Prince Daeron Targaryen, she very correctly managed to reason that it would be much more profitable and calmer to marry Luthor Tyrell, Lord of Highgarden and the Reach. Just as the Starks were the Keepers of the North, the Tyrells were the Keepers of the South, that is, Olenna acquired practically the status of a queen.

In the film, nowhere is it said in plain text, but it can be assumed that Lady Olenna purposefully prepared Margaery’s granddaughter for the royal future and it was with her, and not with her grandson Loras, that she connected the future of the House of Golden Roses. True, nothing good came of grandmother’s ambitions, and in fact Margaery became a somewhat anecdotal figure, a kind of challenge prize of the dynasty of the Baratheon-Lannister kings. But the risky pragmatic grandmother consistently continued to marry Margaery. First for Renly Baratheon, then for Joffrey, whom she, however, preferred to get rid of in advance and not put Margaery in danger from her psychopathic hubby. The ultimate target was baby Tommen, the puppet king of Nobody. Tommen is a soft, weak-willed boy, the exact opposite of his older brother Joffrey, from whom you could sculpt anything you want,

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But there was one big “but” that would not allow Margaery to become a full-fledged queen – this is Tywin Lannister, who planned to marry Cersei to Loras. To strengthen the alliance of the Lannister and Tyrells, so to speak, but in fact so that the ruined Lannisters gain power over the fantastically rich Reach. Iron Lady Olenna had to agree to Tywin’s terms in order to save Loras from the Royal Guard, which Tywin had threatened to serve as a last resort. But Olenna was helped by chance – the ridiculous death of Tywin Lannister made the marriage of Cersei and Loras unnecessary.

Cersei was the only one left on Margaery’s path to the Iron Throne. I have no doubt that since the death of Tywin, Lady Olenna began to develop a plan to destroy Cersei. But the plans of the Queen of Thorns were interrupted by His Sparrow with his sect. He violated it very much, but played into the hands of Cersei, who struck a preemptive blow and did not drag out the confrontation with the Tyrells, blowing up the Great Sept of Baylor, and destroying the only political force of the kingdom dangerous to the Iron Throne at that time. Lady Olenna Tyrell lost. The only thing left for her is revenge.

Lady Olenna Tyrell in the film is one of the most powerful political figures. Cold-blooded, calculating, bold, almost flawlessly building her party, having much less opportunities than her main opponent in weaving intrigues Tywin Lannister, the de facto ruler of Westeros after Robert Baratheon.

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