Game of Thrones theory: how the prophecy about the son of Daenerys came true

Game of Thrones fan theory about the resurrection of Daenerys and the reaction to it was the reason to continue this version, but in a different vein. Thanks to our reader who shared her interpretation of an important book prediction.

Of course, the showrunners of the telesagi, deviating from the canon, broke firewood, made “it is not clear what a bow on the side”, did not bring important book lines to their logical conclusion (and those of their own authorship), but the prophecy about Denis’s son from the original source of George Martin seems , “Shot” in the telesag. Speech on the legend of the Dothraki – about”The stallion that will cover the whole world . ”

After the priestess Mirri Maz Duur intervened in Denis’s future, and Reigo’s son did not survive, this prediction seemed to have lost its power. The appearance in the life of the on-screen Storm-Born handsome John also did not bring such a great “stallion” to the world. But Burning, in whose veins, according to legend – dragon blood, still “gave birth” in the fire of three “children”. Her destiny is to awaken the extinct magical creatures to life, to become their mother.

Then it turns out that the legendary unbridled wild stallion is the only surviving “son” – Drogon (named after her husband-khal), who will “cover the whole world” with his mighty wings. The one oforiginal source :

“Fierce as a storm will this prince be. His enemies will tremble before him … ”

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By the way, Daenerys named her son Reigo in honor of her elder brother Reigar – the great warrior, “the last of the dragons.” And it turns out that Drogon is now the last not only of the three, but of all the real dragons. And, apparently, he is so fierce that he melted the throne of Aegon the Conqueror, which is three hundred years old, forged from many swords (they seem to be a thousand, but Littlefinger in the series counted no more than 200). That is, Balerion “Black Horror” (the most powerful dragon of the Targaryen) in his fire (and this is not less than 1.5K degrees) forged swords of enemies for the Iron Throne for almost 2 months, and Drogon melted in a matter of minutes. Well, with soft Varis it came out much faster (((The harsh dragon prince, however.

So to deliver the body of the fragile “mother” to Volantis is to “spit it out” for him, as well as to return her renewed back to Westeros – to complete the vendetta. No wonder King Bran the Broken in the last episode of “Game of Thrones” got nervous when he learned that Drogon with the lifeless Burning Lady went somewhere – not to Essos, to the priestesses of the Lord of Light?

Let’s go further – the Dothraki legend about the “khal khals” echoes the prophecy about the promised prince (Azor Ahai) from the belief in Rglor – a hero who will appear in the Targaryen family. Isn’t it Drogon? Only, as our reader correctly noted, for what and for whom should he conquer the world:

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“The wild dragon blood flows in the veins of the Targaryen. And Denis’s son is the same “wild”, of the same blood with his mother (and, therefore, also like Targaryen!) And he must return power to his family (according to the prophecy, he will conquer the whole world). Only who will conquer – himself or a resurrected mother – a question. ”

On the other hand, it was Drogon who, with his fiery will, actually restarted the history of Westeros (“broke the wheel”). The old world no longer exists. He put an end to all this fuss, turning the Iron Throne into a metal puddle – the main symbol of power, for which the main (and not only) heroes fought the entire series. As a result, the surviving lords chose a wise young ruler for themselves – it turned out to be Varg Bran. Long live the wonderful new world!

In general, if in the series the prophecy is perceived as a metaphor (the prince is the dragon), and Drogon is, indeed, that very winged stallion, then it remains to find out what he should do with all this load of destiny now))) But it depends on how you look – maybe he has already done what is destined for him:

save the world from Others and the army of the undead – help the “mother” defeat the White Walkers,
show the power of the Targaryen – burn King’s Landing and other enemies,
destroy the main evil – the damned throne, which destroyed the imperious Denis,
and, possibly, help in the resurrection of “mom”.

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