Games that replace travel

Sitting on a bench in a village house, the cat Matroskin sang this song and not he, not the authors of the cartoon, could not know with what accuracy these words would describe the culture of people in decades.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft has been releasing its air travel simulator for so long that you might think it has always been. As they began, since 1982, to carry gamers, they continue to this day.

While other projects of the same age are already considered forgotten classics (Ultima series for example). MFS – cheerfully keeps pace with the times. Not so long ago, they rolled out the next part – the fifteenth in a row, but not in importance.

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In addition to perfectly modeled technology, the game has the opportunity to visit major airports in the world. You can take a plane to Sheremetyevo and fly to Paris.

In the last part, the developers went out of their way and shook off the entire third ball from the sun, along with the main attractions. Therefore, flying over the capital of France, you can look at all the hot spots from a bird’s eye view.

In addition to man-made beauties, there are also natural wonders. Sunsets and sunrises, or breathtaking mountain landscapes. Many people are ready to give a lot of money to see all this from an airplane, once in a lifetime. And gamers can admire as much as they want.

Of course, the game is not cheap. The cost in incentive, from four thousand rubles to almost nine (8712 rubles), depending on the version of the publication.

But besides the game, you have to get hold of a modern video card, which can result in a tidy sum.

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On the other hand, a real trip around the world is not only very long, but astronomically expensive (if comfortably).

So for players who can’t afford to go around the world, these games are a good alternative.
(Bugs and glitches are included in the game for free)

Red dead redemption 2

You don’t always want to stare at the modern world. It is interesting to look at the world of a century ago. Usually they go to the cinema or watch documentaries for this. But the developers at Rockstar Games created a wild west game for us.

The first part was released ten years ago, delighting players with an excellent storyline and vigorous gameplay. And the second part raised the bar of quality to an even higher level.

The developers paid attention not only to the plot and game mechanics, but also to the details of the world. Game designers have brought the study of locations to such a level that you can even forget about completing missions and just explore the world.

Todd Howard (developer of Skyrim) said that he always wanted to create a game in which players will live a different life. The creators of RDR2 were guided by the same principles.

Each location in the game is built to store a story that can be recognized by small details. For this reason, the game world does not appear to be empty.

I went to the farm, and there it was not just for show, the houses were arranged, but really. House, barn, cattle corral, vegetable garden. Everything is in its place, even there are doghouses and, most importantly, country toilets sparkling in the sun.

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Besides wandering through the surrounding mountains and forests, you can do good old robbery. Or to instill fear in local gangsters (although one does not interfere with the other). Horse chases, multiple weapon shooting, fistfights in the end are all designed to amuse the time-traveling gamer.

Elite dangerous

Space simulations are a separate art form. The first time I sat down for space, when I got a box with X3: Reunion . This game was very similar to the Corsairs, but in space. She lacked an exploratory moment. This is what upset me.

But in 2015, I came across a video on YouTube, where a person communicates with the on-board computer Astra, gives her commands and controls the spaceship, and in the background Zach Hamsey’s fantastic track The Way (Instrumental) was playing.

The video that served as the best advertisement for the game.

After watching the incredibly atmospheric video, I found the game itself. It was Elite Dangerous , an incredibly beautiful and atmospheric space travel game.

Now this game has grown overgrown with content and has become more stable. Despite the age, the graphics are pleasing to the eye, as they were five years ago. But the most important thing is of course the gameplay.

The developers added the ability to play online, but the whole point of “Elite” is a single player game. Moving through space to distant stars is a meditative gameplay. Yes, you still need to develop your ship, put modules on it, carry cargo. But all this is in order to fly away as far as possible.

The developers continue to develop the game, announcing add-ons on their website and YouTube channel.

FarCry 3

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From cold space to hot tropics.

Exotic islands attract thousands of tourists. So a group of friends decided to go in search of adventure to their fifths and found it, luckily for us.

Friends fall into the clutches of pirates, and the main character managed to escape from captivity. And so, we are already briskly running around the islands, jumping with a parachute, diving to sharks, shooting accurately and turning the heads of Vasa’s bandyugans.

But apart from the main plot, you can look at the beautiful islands and sights.

Wrecks of ships, planes in the jungle and old fortifications of the Japanese, which are left from the Second World War.

The developers have tried and made a lot of locations, adding details to explore. To make it easier to navigate the islands, players have access to various types of transport:
ATVs, cars, motor boats, hang gliders.

And so that the bandits do not interfere with us enjoying the beauty, there is a wide selection of firearms. Although, understanding people use a machete for negotiations or, in extreme cases, a bow and arrow.

That’s all for me. What open-world exploration games do you know?

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