Games that you can shoot to gain popularity

Games take a lot of time for people, on average it takes twenty hours to complete, that’s almost a whole day of idleness! Online games take up much more time, many Dota players play 1000 hours, which takes months of gaming.

Better to play and earn money at the same time, gaining popularity !? Popular channels of streaming platforms, Twitch or YouTube, enable gamers to gain several hundred thousand subscribers simply by playing games and showing emotions.

Today’s article is dedicated to games that can ensure popularity by broadcasting them on popular video and streaming platforms.

Dota 2

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The most popular e-sports discipline in the world gathers huge stadiums, hundreds of thousands of views on video platforms. Unsurprisingly, most of the popular gamers have built their own fanbase while playing Dota 2.

It is advisable to be able to play well and show it to people on Twitch. Gamers who do not know how to bend in Dota can gain popularity, showing their emotions and charisma well. It is especially interesting to watch adults playing Dota 2, they often insert interesting words and show unexpected reactions.


Battle Royals are now at their peak of popularity, huge international tournaments are taking place, cuts of cool and funny moments from the game are sold by millions of views, Fortnite is the perfect game to gain popularity.

The game is constantly evolving, the rules change, often nothing depends on the skill of the player, you just need to assemble a good team and show your skill to people on YouTube or Twitch. Again, everyone can watch a skillful player’s guide to Fortnite and reshoot it in their own way, I don’t even know how to play well.

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Any new game

New games are released every day, high-profile projects appear once a month, every gamer, even not knowing how to play well in online projects, will be able to show himself by going through the games that have just been released.

Most viewers do not have their own powerful computer or time to complete a new game, a blogger passing the game can help the viewer simply by showing the passage on his channel.

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