German politicians against “Erdogan’s agents of influence”


Some German politicians saw a threat in the organizations of the German Turks operating in the country, after last year they were able to mobilize thousands of their countrymen in support of Turkey and its current authorities. German Turks held corresponding actions during the debate on the recognition of the notorious Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire, because of the cartoons of Erdogan and especially in large quantities – in his support during and after the insurgency in Turkey.

This mainly concerns the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DİTİB) , in which the German politicians saw “the agent of Erdogan’s influence” in this connection. In particular, Volker Cowder , head of the faction of the ruling Christian Democratic Party (CDU) in the German parliament (Bundestag) directly expressed protest against “the influence of the Turkish government on DİTİB and the Turks in Germany.”

Cowder also stated that “people of Turkish origin living in Germany must comply with our laws and customs.” At the same time, he said that DİTİB, together with the Turkish government, should not be allowed to spread religious education in German schools.

In connection with these and similar attacks, DİTİB made an official statement, which stated a hostile campaign against the organization. In turn, DITIB states that its efforts are aimed at ensuring the peaceful existence of Muslims in Germany, while the activities of its opponents lead to the marginalization of Muslims.

And, indeed, in an environment where Germany is becoming the target of attacks by lonely psychopaths recruited by terrorists and / or foreign intelligence services, the desire to destroy Islamic institutions that direct the energy of millions of Muslims in a constructive way looks like short-sighted ideological fanaticism.

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