Giant one and a half bull escaped death and became famous

In Australia, a huge ox named Nickers (Knickers, from English – “panties” or “pantaloons”) escaped death at the slaughterhouse. According to BBC News, thanks to the heroic size of the animal has become a local celebrity.

The Holstein-Friesian bulldish bull weighs approximately 1.4 tons, and grows to 194 centimeters. Seven-year-old Nickers, who grew up on a farm in Western Australia, is considered the largest ox in the country.

In October, its owner, farmer Jeff Pearson (Geoff Pearson), tried to sell the animal at auction, but no slaughterhouse purchased it: potential buyers were afraid that they could not cope with it.

“He was always different from other oxen, was a little larger than them. We sent his buddies to the slaughter from time to time, but he did not raise a hand. We thought: “Let’s leave him, he does not harm anyone,” said Pearson. He admitted that he bought an ox when he was one year old to help control the herd.

Now Nickers lives in a pasture near Lake Preston. The farmer plans not to kill him to old age, but complains that, because of unexpected fame, journalists call him “every ten minutes from four in the morning.”

The bulls gave an unusual name because of their friendship with a relative of the Brahman breed. Abbreviated it was called Bra (Bra, from English – “bra”). A new bull in a joke called Nickers (“panties”), and this nickname clung to him.

The largest of the living oxen, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is the Italian animal named Bellino. Its height reaches almost 203 centimeters.

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