Giga Ovgod biography

From the age of 10 he was engaged in Thai boxing, Krav – magician, karate, mastered the battles with nunchakus and a sword.

In his techniques you can see elements of acrobatics, parkour, calisthenics, gymnastics. Incredibly agile, strong and religious warrior “Jesus is the Lord.” The Bible is the main motivation and movement in development.

Strength and moral values ​​of Ugur bring inspiration. It is unique.

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He talks a little about himself and practically does not share his workouts. He believes in the power of thought and positive thinking.

In social networks, it is inactive like an elusive ninja. However, he is advancing in them as an actor and a sports warrior.

Tattoos on the body make it clear the essence of its meaning in life. They are powerful and religious.

Giga Uguru is ready to defend his convictions, backing up words with actions.

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Giga Ovgod biography
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