Giga Ovgod net worth

Hello! I Alihan Alihanrin and today I want to tell you about the Giga Ovgod (Giga Uguru).

To start Giga Uguru known as mixed martial fighter based on his positioning he knows different martial arts.

According to Gigi Ovgod he did not attend the combat section and he learned everything.

At the same time on his page on Instagram Giga Uguru calls himself a film maker.

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What assets have Gigi Ovgod?

About him not so much the availability of information but do we know about his Instagram page, as well as YouTube channel.

On his Instagram page, he aggressively promotes Christian site is the same.

It is not known whether he has the benefit of it but probably because there is not likely he will work on his Instagram page for free.

Advertising price itself is unknown. And hardly it will be available after all but one of the other advertising design there to be seen.

His second more important asset is its YouTube channel with nearly 300 thousand audience.

His channel has enough popularity and the most important thing is growing daily by hundreds of new subscribers.
The channel itself, he leads since 2010.

More than 100 thousand views Giga Ovgod month began receiving only in 2018.

In the year of its channel brings an income of about 25 thousand dollars.

Of the public data that we have, we can say that Uguru has a Giga state with its sports hobby less than $ 100,000.
It is quite possible Giga Uguru is offline income but because it is not enough publicly we do not know the exact state it more.

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