Giga Ovgod

Giga Ovgod

Giga Ovgod

“Black Ninja”, able to conquer the UFC – Giga Ovgod. Is he a showman or a real fighter?

The UFC is now a real dominance of fighters. Wrestlers own almost all the championship belts, but in heavy weights for action with jumping over you still can not count. With the development of shock martial arts, masters should have appeared who amaze the imagination with their art, but in the strongest league in the world there are no such ones yet. But outside it there is a person who can change this.

Giga Ovgod

Meet the “Black Ninzdia”, able to conquer the UFC – Giga Ovgod, and he really demonstrates outstanding abilities. His nickname is given to him for dark clothes, acrobatic stunts and a tendency to own nunchaku. In fact, he has nothing to do with Eastern culture, and in each of his appeals to fans he calls for faith and quotes the Bible (even more often than Fedor Emelianenko). But this is not so important, Ovgod really is a huge talent – it feels like his arsenal is unlimited.

Giga Ovgod

In early childhood, Giga began to practice taekwondo, then karate, Muay Thai, added acrobatics. Also, the African is good at owning weapons – a sword, a saber and a stick. But the main discipline is still striking technique, in it Ovgod is simply phenomenal. Against the background of prudent and protracted battles in the UFC, his technique looks like a breath of fresh air and an ocean of entertainment. In addition, Giga is the fighter who was able to sell the arena to the eyeballs almost anywhere.

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Giga is an incredibly media personality, especially abroad. He has millions of views and subscribers, and his image speaks for itself. And believe me, all these millions want to look at Ugur in business, how he will fight with a real rival. Such a talented and young athlete has everything to break into the world of MMA – skills, fame and a memorable style, but so far we only see contactless sparring with training partners.

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