Giga Uguru and other (9) people with whom it is better not to get involved and bypass them away

9 people with whom it is better not to mess with and bypass them

It happens like this: one glance thrown at a person is enough to understand: he is capable of much. A lot. Better not to anger this brutal, otherwise he – or even she – will make a decision very quickly. And not everyone will like it.

Such people are striking in their physical capabilities. At the same time, at the beginning of their journey to phenomenal success, nothing foreshadowed it. But perseverance, patience and self-denial did their job. They have achieved heights – each in his own business. And now others can only look at them with enthusiasm, not believing that such a thing is possible at all!

Giga Uguru

Martial arts master Giga Uguru. At the age of four, he began his ascent to Olympus with taekwondo. But he did not dwell on it. During his school years, Giga added Thai boxing and karate to his list of hobbies. This seemed to him not enough, and the program of the athlete’s intensive training in mixed martial arts included gymnastics, parkour, exercises with a ball and nunchucks. Videos with his tricks on YouTube and Instagram are incredibly popular. No one simply believes that Giga achieved such a physical form without using any secret methods. His training is simple to the point of primitiveness! And many more are impressed by the true religiosity of the talented athlete. He promotes spiritual development, without which, as he believes, there can be no physical development. Many are sure: Giga Uguru is at the very beginning of his career.

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Shi Yanming

Shaolin monk Shi Yanming. The future kung fu master was constantly ill in childhood. Yanming said that at some point, when the parents were already completely desperate to put the child on his feet, an unknown person saved him, starting to treat him with acupuncture. The monk believes: it was the messenger of heaven. Then there were many years of study at the monastery, where the young man mastered the martial arts and learned spiritual practices. In the early nineties, Shi Yanming, having arrived in America as part of a Chinese delegation, decided to stay there to teach martial arts. He succeeded in this endeavor. Now he teaches classes and even starred in films – of course, in the role of himself as a fighter.

Mina Raghavan

Mina Raghavan is a fighter grandmother. From an early age she mastered the traditional Indian martial art – Kalaripayattu. She is still engaged in it, but she is already well over seventy! At her academy, fighters hone flexibility and agility, and use staffs, axes, spears and much more as training equipment. Classes are free, but graduates of the Academy, growing up, express their gratitude to the teacher with generous gifts for which the center exists.

Vito Pirbazari

Vito Pirbazari is a blogger from Germany. A huge, pumped up black-bearded athlete instills fear in his appearance.

In general, Vito is fond of bodybuilding and promotes his training methods on social networks. Its popularity is growing day by day.

And Vito is actively mastering the acting profession and starred in the popular German TV series, he plays just great!

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Mindy Kelly

Mindy Kelly is a ninja girl. This beauty is in great physical shape, but she is not a fitness trainer. Mindy is the winner of many martial arts championships. She never ceases to strive for new heights and confidently storms Hollywood and show business. Mindy does not appear in films, but is incredibly in demand as a stunt director. The main life principle of this purposeful athlete is that one should not stop walking along the intended path. Do not give up – because there is nothing that would not be beyond your shoulder, if you believe in success!

Yingun Yu

Yingun Yu is the founder of his own martial arts school. The young man, originally from South Korea, combined several styles in his new art, adding elements of acrobatics to it. The height of his jumps, combined with the number of turns, can compete with ballet, and the speed of movement and flexibility and flexibility of the body are amazing.

Jay Dee Andersen

Jay Dee Andersen. This mountain of muscle looks very impressive. Andersen is the author of several world records. He’s incredibly strong. There are videos in which the athlete smashed cast-iron dishes, wooden bats, and broke bricks. He gnawed a tree with his teeth! The most impressive moment – when JD with a running start crashes into a huge block of ice, and the ice floe could not resist – shattered into smithereens! The whole point is probably in the strong man’s unbreakable confidence in his own invincibility. He just has no idea that he could ever fail – and it works!

Lucas Novotny

Lucas Novotny. This Czech emigrant has always been fond of bows. This ancient weapon allows you to hit the enemy at a great distance. But recently, they began to forget about the bow. Lucas walked for a long time towards his dream. At first he worked hard to feed himself, but in the late nineties the passion for bows won out, and Novotny began to make bows. He became the best master in the world! He is an active archery instructor, winning tournaments. Almost like Robin Hood! Lukas Novotny’s long road to success is highly respected. This man is incredibly tough, although he cannot kill with a punch to the forehead.

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Daniela d’Angelo

Daniela d’Angelo. She is not eighteen years old, and she shoots like a god from any type of small arms. She prefers not to listen to criticism and advice from above – she just does what she wants, and does it better and better. The girl performs in competitions, but dreams of becoming a lawyer. Perhaps life will adjust Daniela’s plans, and she will be in demand on the set of action movies. After all, there are so few beauties who know how to handle weapons at a professional level!

These people are cool. Success to them!

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