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I am Alihan Alihanrin and today I want to talk about an athlete who is fit for MMA fights and just about Giga Uguru and his mixed martial arts.

He is able to perform extremely amazing acrobatic tricks.

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However, he adds his acrobatics with martial arts.

I would like to connect with this talent to ask him a few questions. But in the case of Giga Uguru it was extremely difficult.

Difficult because that person is a relatively private life.

For all its relative obscurity this potential star of MMA has a lot of fans on social networks.

In my opinion Giga Uguru at the moment simply does not want to be popular this says his little activity on social networks.

If you observe its activity it only publishes the video to Instagram and your YouTube channel.

In this case all the video content is very similar. Stunts, fighting techniques and the background of this talk about the Bible and religion.

According to several Giga Uguru can be called exemplary believers.

Although some atheists can call it excessively religious.

There is not one photo or video publishing where Giga would not say about God and religion. But who is it just may like it.

And many of his audience would have been much more interesting at least once to hear about how you need to eat to achieve the body or what exercises are needed for the pumping of the muscles.

Do not believe in God and religion can be extremely difficult to listen to it. Whereas people who believe speech Giga Uguru will be more preaching.

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But one quote is very interesting.

According to Giga Uguru fear is the cause of human weakness. After all, because of the fear of man attack. Such as the victim running away from the enemy shows him his weakness and cowardice and do sacrifice even weaker. And at the same, even if being a weak person directly see the enemies in the eye then it will increase the chances of winning, or at least a draw. After all, if the enemy knows that you are willing to die to defend themselves not everyone will dare to touch you. According to Giga Uguru it is what the Bible says.

His words definitely something there. But we must add that the Bible is the one book in which everyone will find something for themselves. After all, even Hitler has found something interesting for themselves in the Bible.

A few words about the Giga Uguru.

In sport it has come to the age of four.

He began his career with taekwondo.

Then he began studying martial arts such as Thai boxing.

After them, he added krav maga and karate.

I.e. Giga Uguru brought a mixture of various martial arts and dangerous.

Just his style visible elements of parkour, acrobatics and capoeira.

In addition to the ability to move the body and fight fighter Giga Uguru almost fluent knives.

He knows how to fight with sabers, nunchaku and shoot knives. He also knows how to shoot a bow just like a real ninja.

According to rumors this set of qualities needed for the athlete filming a movie. His main profession is a model and actor.

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If these skills do not help Giga Uguru in the movie, they definitely help him in MMA.

If someone says that the tumbling and jumping will not help in the lane on the street. Then let’s be honest. On the street except for a knife or a gun better than very little to help. And capoeira hardly anyone save in a fight with multiple opponents in a dark alley.

And I think if Giga Uguru dare to seriously apply their talents in a street fight unfortunately it will wait for the prison because his punches are just too dangerous for his attackers.

In Giga Uguru unusual as the fact that he really flickered news on the topic of street fights and spent a lot of time at the police station. Perhaps he is not as peaceable as it seems.

It must be acknowledged that a significant portion if not all of our skills that we use in modern times we need to earn wealth. And it seems to me that the Giga Uguru is hardly an exception.

This potential MMA fighter and now the athletic model and actor Giga Uguru removed in photo shoots, commercials and movies. He participates in shootings spectacular action scenes in the role of stuntman, stunt actor and just.

In my opinion the success of Giga Uguru obvious and already at least foolish to deny.

But what is the secret of his success?

I believe that the secret of his success in his highly unusual.

He owns an African American martial arts mixed with acrobatics and capoeira.

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At the same time it ideal physique.

But not only. He is very religious and loved to meditate.

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