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I Alihan Alihanrin and today I will try to clarify the real battles Uguru Giga, and in general to understand whether or not they exist in this athlete.

Giga Uguru – real internet legend. He became famous for his ability to fight on the camera. He has a different set of techno сapoeira to Taekwondo and mixed martial style.

Real fights Giga Uguru! And they even exist?

Unfortunately apart from the fighting on the camera at Giga Uguru no other real fights except that with his sparring partners that are smaller than the Giga.

But I suggest you instead see the comments of people on the internet and what they say about Giga Uguru. After all, people interested in the opinion of such an unusual personality.


I laugh like a horse. Everyone knows what happens to such false ninjas in this combat.

In my opinion the police went around to his side.

Ninja also known as shinobi were part of a network of undercover agents in Japan. The tasks of the ninja was espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination of guerrilla warfare.

If he comes to fight against MMA fighter with the same weight, he will sniff drool already in the first round.
I was impressed by his acrobatics and gymnastics but it is not the same as the struggle.

LOL. I’m interested in the opinion of its neighbors. Why is no one advised him to mow the lawn.

This guy was born in the wrong century. In the 20th century, his talents would be in demand in Hollywood.

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His ability is impressive but it is so skinny that is likely to quickly fizzles and why it is so fast beats. If it blows would be strong, he would long ago have fought and earned the least for it. Fake MMA.

Guy 100% athlete but he is not a ninja. True Ninja have basic punches and boring to them boring to watch. This guy apparently learned taekwondo and capoeira. Ninja also used knives, swords, javelins but nunchaku. Yes, he would beat any normal ninja.

According to the t-shirts MMA fighters is 10% of the population. LOL.

These ninjas are always in the shade.

This dude looks like a character who guards the main villain of the house and you need to kill it to get to the boss.

If someone knows parkour does not mean that he is a ninja.

Some gymnast made a video with a backyard blow to the simple fixed targets. Fake.

“It’s just a high level of martial arts but not ninjutsu. His style can be seen Taekwondo and a little trickery.

These ninjas have not impressed 99% of the population. And any Asian style of martial arts really fail with any Western fighting style. Most of the eastern movement bogus designed for beauty for aesthetics but for a real fight.

He is great and be able to beat many opponents but unfortunately he is not a real ninja. And his skills are not the cause of his victory.”

Very interesting. But his skills are more suited to a movie than real life. He could be a great juggler.
An ordinary man does not see anything special. 99% of the pop movement and not relevant to the real battle.
He could have become a professional wrestler. He has a good view as well as explosive. But I expect that he could not really fight.

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Dude nunchuck banned in the Octagon.

He Spam button on joystick one and the same movement. I do not like those.

If you put him against a fighter that the Ninja is destroyed. In his case it is better to go to the WWE.

It looks very dangerous.

It has the potential. But most of all in MMA it quickly kayo.

Hey guys, we did not see a ninja vs. MMA? MMA fighters are always destroyed of ninja.

He is a liar and not a sportsman. He obviously knows something of the martial arts. But it is too easy mannequin is obvious. His strikes have almost no power.

We wish him good luck hope to see him as a stuntman in the near term.”

This guy knows only parkour nothing else.

I was expecting a shot where he dropped his cigarette on the Mannequin miserable.

This shit shit. Give this guy finally has a role in a movie about karate.

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