Giga Uguru MMA

Giga Uguru calls himself a sports model. We must admit it is really build athlete and models.

But Giga Uguru something more than the model what he calls himself. He is a fighter UFC level because he has all the skills UFC fighter. With these skills he ought to go for a long time into professional martial arts.

If Giga does not want to be a fighter, he would have long ago could open his own school ninja sure at this school hundreds of fans will be with the coach.

It’s definitely more than necessary for MMA talent. His punches and the speed of these shocks on the ball and dangerous to fight with the enemy.

But I think he has a problem with another rubber. In the sense of a mannequin. I seriously instead of finally go to training with real people from the hole to beat your mannequin. A model need rest and the fans need a real fight.

His receptions perfect his technique in acrobatics or may capoeira but whether Giga Uguru with them as well in MMA? After all, octagon or ring is not the same as dancing on camera

Screaming jumping not be saved from attacks. Right?

But still it must be admitted that these movements even for a camera with a dummy but impressive.

But the big question is where the actual fighting and Gigi Uguru where MMA?

Unfortunately it does not have a real fighting or training or something like that.

And unfortunately Giga Fans Uguru they can not see the MMA with the ninjas.

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On this I have everything.

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